Maratek Announces New Cannabis & Hemp Oil Extraction Equipment

Cannabis extraction equipment

It was just three years ago that Maratek revolutionized the cannabis industry with its Oil and Ethanol Recovery systems (OERS) that automated three labor and equipment intensive processes into one piece of expertly-engineered equipment.

Instead of having to buy three different types of equipment all having an operator on each, Maratek engineered our OERS system to resolve this solvent recovery bottleneck in the cannabis oil production process.

Maratek has not stopped here, we have spent the last few years fine-tuning and innovating further. We have now come up with an even more automated unit, with a completely new engineering feature.

What is Maratek’s new four-in-one recovery and extraction solution?

Our Maratek OERS System will have all the same automated features as before - main solvent recovery, residual solvent recovery and decarboxylation - but now with an additional process directly built-in.

The new Maratek Oil and Ethanol Recovery System can now additionally reproof and dewater your ethanol in the same unit. Maratek's OERS equipment is now a four-in-one completely automated GMP solution with no operator required during running hours.

The unit follows four key process steps to automate the entire downstream solution to produce the highest quality cannabinoid oils on the market.

What are the four steps of the Maratek OERS equipment?

Step one 

The first step is your bulk ethanol recovery (approximately 85% of the ethanol is pulled out here from your cannabis and hemp oils). This step is most commonly referred to as your ethanol recovery step and most falling films will do this step for you. However, what most people forget to realize is that you still have 15+% ethanol remaining in your oil. This can be a very costly loss, especially as you scale up your production.

Step two 

The next step is residual ethanol recovery, where the oil and ethanol recovery system then switches into an additional step automatically which will get that last 15+% of ethanol remaining in the oil. This step is most commonly done with a rotovap. Now the system has recovered 99+% of your ethanol from your oil, we move onto the third step.

Step three

The third step is the decarboxylation of your cannabis and hemp oils - if you wish to move on to this step. It is a completely optional step and some people wish to skip it. Here your oils are heated to about 40°C to activate the key active ingredients in your oils. This step is most commonly done with a decarboxylation reactor.

Step four

The last innovative patent-pending step is Maratek's newest feature on the OERS. It will reproof and dewater your ethanol in line to maximize your oil purity and extraction pullout yields. Having water-downed ethanol will cause you nothing but problems, including less oil being extracted from your biomass and slower ethanol recovery as the water density slows it down.

With any other solution, each of these steps would involve four different pieces of equipment with four different operators running each. Maratek has recognized this bottleneck within the cannabis and hemp oil-producing industry and has spent all of its research and development time resolving this.

Maratek’s new four-in-one OERS equipment automates all four steps in one easy-to-use professionally-engineered piece of equipment, with no operator required to run. Want to learn more about our unique solutions? Contact us today for more information.

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