Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Equipment for Extracting Cannabis Oil

Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction

There are many different ways to extract or remove oils from a cannabis or hemp plant, such as CO2 extraction, warm ethanol extraction, cryogenic ethanol extraction, water extraction and so on.

There is clearly a wide range of methods to extract cannabis oils, but not all extraction methods are created equal.

Some methods not only remove the cannabis oils but unfortunately also pull out many undesirable components such as fats, waxes, chlorophyll and lipids. These undesirable components will require additional filtration steps to remove.

Other methods can avoid pulling out these contaminants but perform a much less effective extraction process. This ends up leaving cannabis or hemp oil still in the plant. In the long run this will greatly hurt your profit margin, efficiency and your entire production levels.

The benefits of cryogenic ethanol extraction have been proven throughout the cannabis and hemp industry, specifically its ability to scale easily and efficiently.

Extracting with chilled ethanol, at about -40C, allows all of the cannabis oil to be extracted, while also freezing the unwanted fats, waxes, chlorophyll and lipids. This allows them to be easily filtered out immediately, eliminating the need for additional processing before moving into ethanol recovery.

Compared to other extraction methods, ethanol extraction equipment is the most cost-efficient scalable solution in the industry.

This is extremely important as you start to setup a cannabis extraction facility that you have the ability to scale easy in the future as demand for cannabis oil picks up throughout the world.

Extraction can be a very complex process, but this is a good introduction of different extraction methods and the pros and cons of each extraction method.

Maratek provides top of the line Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction equipment for small to extremely large industrial-scale operations. Whether you are processing 50 pounds per day or looking at building an industrial turnkey extraction facility, Maratek has you covered. 

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