How Solventless Water Extraction is Used to Create Bubble Hash

Creating Bubble Hash

Water extraction is one of the simplest forms of extraction, using cold water to freeze and break off trichomes from the biomass. With a growing popularity for bubble hash, water extraction equipment popularity is on the rise.

These systems are designed to preserve the trichome through the entire process so that the final bubble hash product maintains the terpenes and flavonoids from the original plant. 

Solvent-based extraction uses high pressure and/or heat to extract crude oil, a process that often “pops” the trichome and results in certain terpenes boiling off. Water extraction uses agitation and cold water to separate the trichome without damage to the biomass itself. 

The water extraction process leaves behind more terpenes which enhance and distinguish the product to the customer.

What As a Trichome?

Trichomes are very key in the production of cannabis products. Trichomes themselves look like little clear mushrooms growing on the sugar leaves and flowers of cannabis and hemp plants. Inside of these trichomes is where the terpenes and cannabinoids of the plant are stored. 

Terpenes and cannabinoids differ depending on variety and have a huge impact on the taste, smell, and feel of the final product. Growers who have cultivated specific varieties have an interest in protecting the integrity of the trichome throughout the production process. 

This is an instance where water extraction is extremely useful since the preservation of these precious trichomes is unique to its process.

What is bubble Hash?

Bubble hash, water hash, or ice hash is the final product from the water extraction process. It is the trichomes that have been separated and filtered away from the biomass and then dried. 

Bubble hash looks similar to normal hash but due to the method of extraction more terpenes and cannabinoids are all intact, and bubble hash has higher levels of cannabinoid and terpenes than traditional hash.

How do you make bubble hash?

As mentioned, bubble hash is produced using cold water and agitation to essentially freeze off the trichomes. Generally, biomass is placed into a bag and then submerged in the ice and water where it can be agitated until the trichomes break off and can be collected via bag filters. 

Maratek has designed a water extraction system with a fellow Canadian company HashCo, to preserve their heirloom genetics throughout the extraction process and utilize this simple concept.

The Trident is unique in the industry as it gently agitates the biomass via externally rotating paddles built into the vessel allowing for much more control process vs traditional system.

How bubble hash can be consumed

Bubble hash can be consumed in a multitude of ways. You can make edibles, dab, and smoke it. Hash has been modernized and has recently become one of the more enjoyable ways to enjoy cannabis. 

Edibles can be created using a cooking oil such as almond, canola, flax seed, hemp seed, olive or coconut. The bubble hash gets activated when the cooking or baking begins. When the food is cooking, the heating process will activate the decarboxylation process making the THC psychoactive. When baking or cooking with bubble hash, you should take caution of what strength you want as it can be difficult to gauge. 

Dabbing allows you to vaporize the concentrated product through a bong like contraption. These are called “oil rigs" and they have a nail that you manually heat with a miniature torch. Once the nail is red hot, you can use a pick to put the bubble hash on the nail. This is then instantly vaporized as the user inhales the vapour. 

For best results, you can make sure the surface is flat so it can be vaporized quickly. The solventless extract is becoming more and more popular as it enhances the taste and because it does not require any solvent that could potentially affect the flavour. 

Smoking bubble hash is also a popular method as it is commonly used. You’re able to use a pipe, a bong, or have it in a joint/blunt form. 

Bubble hash is continuing to make solventless extraction trendy in the cannabis industry. The solventless extraction allows for a cleaner product as there are no chemicals being mixed and it only involves a machine and ice water for the extraction process. 

Want to learn more about our unique solventless extraction method and how it helps companies create bubble hash? Get in touch with Maratek today

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