What is Vapor Static Extraction, and How Does it Work for Cannabis?

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When handling the extraction for cannabis processing, it is important to ensure that your company is operating at its most efficient level as this will improve your profitability. There are multiple extraction methods being used for cannabis on the market. 

Vapor static extraction is a solventless extraction method that can help businesses operate at an even higher level of efficiency, helping them to also save on the costs of a variety of expenses that are typical during cannabis processes. 

Vapor static extraction provides users with sustainable, scalable, and overall more efficient cannabis processing. These systems are known to be higher quality, and include various features that elevate the experience that users have when extracting cannabis. 

Some systems only require one operator while they are being used and do not require a solvent to carry out extractions. 

Looking at new methods with hopes to innovate the cannabis industry, vapor static extraction opens up endless possibilities on how companies can become better and maximize their profits, while also being considerate of cutting costs in ways that are beneficial.

With that in mind, in this blog we look at how vapor static extraction works, specifically in regards to cannabis processing. 

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How does vapor static extraction work?

The way that vapor static extraction works is by providing the user an easy-to-use turnkey solution in one system. By reducing the need for ancillary products to assist with the various procedures required of the machine, it helps businesses save money by avoiding that expense altogether.

Vapor static extraction machines only require one person to operate, and they use energy efficiently to ensure power is not consumed longer than it should be after an extraction process has been completed. 

These systems are included in the solventless extraction line. It cuts down on the number of steps necessary to produce concentrates, which normally require solvents such as BHO or ethanol. 

Processors and manufacturers of all sizes can achieve high-efficiency production of full-spectrum extracts. Normally, it would require that biomass be collected using a multitude of different systems all working together, but with vapor static extraction, you would only need to rely on one machine that does all of these processes for you. 

Another aspect of these machines that make operations run smoothly includes its clean-in-progress system. These machines have modules in place to easily and efficiently clean the machine.

What does it do for cannabis?

What these vapor static extraction systems do for cannabis is that it allows them to be processed, and improves solutions regarding extraction methods. This means that companies can ultimately improve the quality of their cannabis products and reduce their environmental impact at the same time. 

Vapor static extraction systems allow for greater safety, efficiency, and sustainability for the cannabis industry, and given that the industry continues to expand as time goes on, it can help set the precedent on how manufacturers of cannabis must tend to their business. 

By normalizing the effects of the vapor static systems, more companies will operate in a way that is positive for the environment, and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. As a result of being able to produce up to 5,000 pounds with biomass processing, the opportunity for businesses to capitalize on becoming efficient suppliers of various cannabis products is one purchase of a vapor static system away.

Are you interested in learning more? 

When it comes to cannabis extraction, it is imperative to ensure that your company is operating at its most efficient in order to maximize profits. With typical cannabis extraction methods using solvents, businesses would find themselves having to ensure that expenses relating to solvents or ancillary products were purchased beforehand for operations to run smoothly. 

However, with vapor static systems, not only will companies be saving in terms of expenses with how much easier certain aspects of cannabis extraction will be, they will also be able to produce more at a cost-effective rate. Vapor static extractors also contribute to helping reduce carbon footprint for manufacturers as well, along with the opportunity to provide various cannabis products at an efficient rate than what is typical. 

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