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Guelph, Ontario, Liquid Waste Removal - Hazardous Waste Pick-up Services

bulk_solvent_for_sale_-_solvent_drumsNeed to remove hazardous liquid waste, solvents and toxic chemicals from your facility in Guelph and region?

We can help ...

We're certified and licensed in Ontario* and we're trained to handle and remove your liquid waste. 

Maratek Environmental Inc. has proudly served industrial manufacturers and commercial businesses who produce toxic chemical waste for over 40 years. We take the handling and disposal of your waste very seriously.

  • We service dozens of industrial and manufacturing businesses across Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • We have solutions for on-site and off-site solvent waste recycling and hazardous waste disposal
  • Solvent waste recycling may provide you with re-usable solvent saving substantial costs
  • If recycling is not an option, we have the experience and equipment to safely handle all kinds of industrial and manufacturing toxic chemicals, solvents and liquid waste streams

  • If you believe your waste stream is unusual or problematic ... no need to worry. We provide free waste sample lab testing to determine the best solution for handling your waste stream.

Contact us today and we'll call you back and help establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for your hazardous waste.


*Maratek Environmental Inc. is licensed by the Ontario Government to manage the pick up and disposal of many types of hazardous waste, solvents, chemicals and industrial liquids. 

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