Maratek is a world leader in solvent recycling and has transferred this technology into the cannabis & hemp oil extraction industries.

Here is a quick review of the Cannabis/Hemp systems and services we offer:

  • Our OERS systems (Oil and Ethanol Recovery Systems) are highly automated C1D1 explosion-proof and safety-certified systems for ethanol recovery which include the option to decarboxylate your oils. 4 in 1 Solution - Instead of using a falling film system for bulk recovery (85%), a secondary system such as a rotovap for residual recovery (final 15%), and then a reactor for decarboxylation, our OERS systems can automate all three of these steps within one system.

  • Our TAWS series (Turnkey Automatic Winterization Systems) automate the complete winterization process of homogenization, winterization, multi-stage filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and even heated oil storage as a closed-loop operation.

  • Our Water series are designed to limit solvent use and use gentile agitation to achieve trichome separation. Our most comprehensive system is the Trident, designed on a closed-loop system for energy efficiency.

  • Our F-Series (Fractional Distillation Systems) dewater/reproof your ethanol. These systems can be easily incorporated into your existing facilities or can work in line with our OERS systems.

  • EV-M, cryogenic ethanol extraction in a closed-loop system capable of up to three runs per hour when utilizing ethanol as the primary extraction solvent. Complete with programable PLC controls, ease of use, automation controls, and limited operator intervention.
  • Post-Processing Equipment including, isolation, distillation, and THC remediation products. All systems are designed for automation and integration with other extraction systems to further refine your THC and CBD oils.
  • Virgin Solvents, Ethanol, Hexane, Pentane, or Acetone, Maratek has it all. We offer a variety of sizing for each solvent depending on the parameters of your project.


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Oil and Ethanol Recovery Systems - SC-Series

Automatic operation with 99+% Ethanol recovery. Optional decarboxylation phase. Highest level of safety C1D1 Certified.

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Oil and Ethanol Recovery Systems - C-Series

Completely automated operation with 99+% Ethanol recovery. Clean in Place and Data Logging. Highest level of safety C1D1 Certified.

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Fractional Distillation and Dewatering Systems - F-Series

Reproof / Dewater to 200 Proof. Easily integrates with Maratek OERS Series or other equipment. Increase extraction yields!

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Turnkey Automatic Winterization Systems - TAWS

Automatic homogenization, winterization, filtration, ethanol recovery, decarboxylation and heated oil storage in 1 process Rapid winterization in -20°C and -40°C configurations in 4-10 hrs.

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Turnkey Extraction Facilities and Engineering

Our manufacturing facility and team of in-house engineers put us at the forefront of design, implementation, integration, and service. Flexible and customizable processes available for your facility.

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Automating Industrial Cannabis & Hemp Oil Extraction

Ranging from semi-automated to fully automated equipment with multiple sizes to suit low to high capacity production, we can engineer a system to maximize your production equipment.

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Isolate (1)

Isolate Equipment

Pharmaceutical and EU-GMP systems for isolate production allowing for 2-150kg/hr of throughput. Designed for safety and efficiency including automated upgrades and compact designs.

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Distillate (1)

Distillate Equipment

Our lineup of distillate refining equipment can process 2 to 50kg per hr. This machine is available from benchtop to industrial sizes with automated options. EU-GMP certified systems available.

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Cryogenic ethanol extraction system with multi-stage filtration. Processes two 30lb batches per hour. Available integration with other Maratek systems such as the OERS system for ethanol extraction.

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THC Remediation

THC Remediation Equipment

D970L processes up to 70L/load. D915L processes up to 20L/load. Low power requirements (Single phase, 240V, 30AMP, NEMA L14-30R). Compact footprint (120”L x 42”W x 92”H)

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