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Silver Recycling and Silver Recovery Equipment

The Silver Saver, Silver Recovery Unit

The Maratek Environmental Silver Saver system is the most advanced, easy-to-operate, and attractive effluent management and silver recovery system on the market.

It is fully-automated, desilvers at a rate up to 500 ml/minute (0.13 gal/min) and maintains silver levels well below 5 ppm -- all in a footprint of only 2 ft2.

The Silver Saver has a programmable monitoring and metering system that controls and tracks the flow of silver-rich and non silver-rich solutions from on-board holding tanks. The silver-rich solutions are metered through an advanced cartridge system which uses a patented medium that performs consistently and virtually eliminates channelling. This allows for significantly higher flow rates than most silver recovery systems.

The Silver Saver is the most intuitive, reliable and efficient effluent management system yet!

♦   De-silvers at a rate up to 500 mL/min with a footprint of under 2 ft2
♦   Maintains silver levels well below 5 ppm 
♦   Controlled by a PLC, offering live feedback for troubleshooting and user-friendly operation 
♦   Intuitive warning system, identifies potential problems before they happen and notifies the user, identifying common problems such as plugged drains, clogged cartridges and spills. 
♦   Optional Drain Flushing system, keeping drains clog-free forever without the use of potentially hazardous drain cleaners 

The Silver Saver is an attractive and complete silver monitoring and metering system that offers a sleek, efficient, and space saving design with the latest computer technology for discharge monitoring and compliance assurance. Quick disconnect fittings allow for simple cartridge changes and the design allows for easily accessible service.

This state-of-the-art system is the first-ever PLC controlled silver recovery system available on the market, offering unprecedented control of the silver removal process. The unit is programmed to display troubleshooting messages, provide advanced warning against any system malfunctions, and has a built in monitoring system, allowing technicians to view logs of diagnostic messages. Our system was designed to be robust, operator friendly, intuitive, and compliant. There is no system like it on the market.

The Silver Saver, combined with our silver recovery cartridges, makes it easy for a photolab to remain in compliance, with little operator intervention or maintenance required. Quick disconnects and easy-to service parts allow for simple cartridge changes and servicing.

The “Silver Saver” Silver Recovery Unit (SRU) Product Specifications:

  • Electrical Requirement: 110 V or 220 V 
  • Weight: 40 lbs 
  • Unit size: 28” H x 15” D x 15” W
For More Information - Please download the Silver Saver Product Brochure:

The Drain Saver System

An optional add-on to the Silver Saver is our Drain Saver system. This automated commingling system works to keep drains clog-free. The Drain Saver accepts all spent film processing chemicals -- both de-silvered and non-silver-rich -- commingles them, and sends them down the drain under pressure. The system does not utilize a water driven pump, greatly reducing the potential for spills and floods. In addition, the Drain Saver automatically cleans all critical components, ensuring trouble free operation and extended equipment life.


The Rinse Saver, RO/DI System

Chemical Stabilizer for Photo Labs

The Maratek Rinse Saver RO/DI System is the most effective way to control incoming water quality.  It features:

♦   Eliminates chemical stabilizers
♦   Consistent incoming water quality 
♦   Simple operation 
♦   Easy to change filters 
♦   Minimal intervention required 
♦   Small wall mounted unit 
♦   Can be connected inline 
♦   Save on filter costs vs. other systems

The Rinse Saver RO/DI System works automatically and inline to treat your incoming processor water, guaranteeing water quality and consistency. The system is easy to use and eliminates the need for chemical print and film stabilizers, often saving up to $0.06/roll and up to $0.006/print processed. If you are using expensive DI filters, your costs will be greatly reduced by using this system.

The Rinse Saver System treats incoming water, removing hardness and other contamination.

The RO/DI processed water is then replaces existing chemical stabilizers in the developing and printing processes, offering photo labs a significant cost savings opportunity. Utilizing our unique filtration system, the Rinse Saver offers significant cost savings to photo labs utilizing other DI systems, through our extended filter life. Rinse Saver filters last over 10 times longer than other DI systems on the market.

For a typical photolab using chemical stabilizer and processing around 50 rolls per day, the return-on-investment for the Rinse Saver System is just over 7 months! In just 2 years, this photo lab will save over $4,000 in chemical stabilizer costs!

In a photolab with an existing DI system, averaging around 50 rolls per day with average water quality, you can expect to spend over $1,500 per year on filters for your existing DI system.

Using the Rinse Saver System, operating cost for the Rinse Saver is under $250 per year!

Why is RO/DI better than my current DI?

RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters work by forcing water under pressure against a membrane. The membrane allows the small water molecules to pass through while rejecting most of the larger contaminants.

DI (De-ionization) units are typically rated in terms of grains of capacity (a grain is 0.065 grams). Once the capacity of the unit is reached it either needs to be replaced. By combining RO with DI, the life of the DI filters can be greatly extended, up to 10 times the life of your current system.

How does the Rinse Saver replace my stabilizer chemistry?

Water processed through the Rinse Saver is very pure, with all metals and other contaminants removed. After the addition of a chlorine tablet (in order to prevent algae growth), the treated water can be used in place of ready-to-use or mixed stabilizer chemistry.

Is the Rinse Saver expensive?

In a 50 roll per day lab using chemical stabilizer, the Rinse Saver System has a return on investment of just over 7 months. Total savings over a 2 year period exceed $3,300 dollars. By implementing the Rinse Saver system in your lab, your stabilizer purchases will become $0 per year.

Do I require any special connections or hook-ups?

The Rinse Saver System simply requires a connection to your incoming water supply and a standard electrical power source. No other requirements are necessary

For More Information - please download our product brochure.

Rinse Saver (RODI) System

The Silver Saver

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