Cannabis Distillation Equipment

Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage 0.2m

Thin Film Distillation is the best method for distilling and purifying thermally sensitive compounds, due to the short residence time of product exposed to heat. This, coupled with an internal condenser, provides exceptional efficiency and speed.

Short Path Distillation was specifically designed to minimize the length that vapor needs to travel from where it is generated to where it is condensed. The thin film system achieves this by utilizing a high-efficiency evaporator at the center of the wiper basket, providing the shortest distance for the molecules to travel.

The PTFE wiper blades of the system’s wiper basket spread a smooth and even thin film across the inner surface area of the single-stage, providing excellent heat transfer, evaporation, and condensation rates.

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Single Stage Wiped Film Distillation System Features

✅ Total of 0.2m² Short Path Evaporator

✅ 0.2 m² Evaporators Inline

✅ Flow Rates of up to 20 liters per hour

✅ 5-20 kg/hour Input Feed Capability

✅ Continous distillation

✅ Jacketed Feed Tank, 8-Gallon

✅ Mounted VFD's

✅ Cold Traps

✅ Common Skid Frame

✅ Compound Pressure Gauges

✅ Jacketed Feed Tank – 8-gallon

Automation & Equipment Integration

Maratek’s Cannabis Distillation equipment can also be easily integrated with Maratek’s other technologies, such as Maratek's solvent recovery options (OERS) for 99%+ ethanol recovery, decarboxylation, and ethanol reproofing. Maratek can also work with any other equipment in your facility, allowing you to streamline and automate your entire production process. Together, these technologies can create a completely automated, GMP turnkey solution for your cryogenic ethanol extracting needs.


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