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"We feel we made the right decision. Lake County Press believes in doing its part in helping our environment, the Maratek Solvent Saver definitely plays a big part in our environmental and cost saving initiatives.” - Dan Murphy, Lake County Press

MARATEK Featured Product - Solvent Saver For Printing and Ink Industries

The Solvent Saver line of solvent distillation equipment will reduce a printer's blanket wash purchases by up to 90% and virtually eliminate your waste disposal expenses. In fact, any manufacturer who uses and disposes of waste solvent in its process can benefit from our recycling equipment. Our five models will cost-effectively meet the needs of any printer or generator of waste solvents.

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Solvent Recovery and Recycling Solutions

Maratek Environmental Inc. has proudly served industrial manufacturers who produce hazardous chemical waste and solvent waste such as printing, photofinishing, silver and paint related manufacturers for over 40 years.

Maratek Intertech Technology AwardWith a unique portfolio of innovative products and services, we strive to assist our clients in meeting the ever tightening environmental compliance legislation ... while reducing costs and saving money.

Our objective is to provide environmentally conscious products and services. Maratek is an environmental industry leader, as a Maratek Can Collect and Dispose Liquid Chemical Wasterecipient of the Financial Post Environmental Award for Business and the prestigious GATF InterTech Award for the Solvent Saver system.

In 2011, Maratek Environmental acquired Omega Systems of Montreal, allowing Maratek to expand its product offering to a full suite of recycling equipment products. Find out more about Omega Recycling Technologies here.

World Class Recycling Products, Solutions & Services

We can help you benefit from our vast experience and wide range of equipment to reduce your costs and your liquid waste. There has never been a better time to invest in money saving equipment that also helps the environment. Its easy too, with free consultation, pilot plant tests, help with planning, installation and training.

 The Best Solvent Recovery equipment

Recycling Equipment: Maratek is a world leader in the manufacturing of solvent recovery equipment.  If you purchase blanket wash or any solvents, you spend a lot of money dealing with the waste.  To stay competitive, you’ve got to keep costs low. But to keep regulators happy and customers and investors interested, you’ve got to demonstrate “green” initiatives.  Read more ...

Solvent solutions for printing, automotive, manufacturing, utilities, furniture, metal finishing


Industry Solutions: Maratek will pick up your waste solvents and bring it to our liquid recycling facility in Bolton, Ontario.  Your solvent is tested, segregated from other companys solvents and run as a batch through our solvent distillation technology.  The resulting recycled product will be of virgin quality and will be available to you for purchase at lower rates.  Read more ...

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Recycling Services: For 40 years, Maratek has operated an innovative hazardous liquid waste treatment, liquid solvent recycling and disposal facility in Bolton, Ontario.  The site is licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and conforms to the stringent standards necessary to operate a hazardous liquid waste recycling and disposal site. We specialize in the following recycling services:

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What's in Your Liquid Waste Stream?

The first step in determining the right recycling or waste disposal solution is testing your waste stream. Marakek now offers a free laboratory test of your liquid waste sample. 

FREE Laboratory Test of Your LiquidWaste Stream

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