Wastewater Purification

Wastewater Purification System - Roto-Disc

Roto-Disc systems can filter liquid waste streams consisting of water, solvents (or other contaminants) that require removal of suspended particles up to a size of 20 microns. 

Roto-Disc filtration systems are self-regenerating liquid filters that may be operated continuously.

Systems are fully automatic, simple to integrate and do not have filtration elements that need to be replaced. 

Roto-Disc systems can be used for various applications such as cooling towers, distillation plants, bearing and machinery cooling, river water and industrial raw water filtering, as a replacement for sand filters, and in industries such as agriculture, pulp, paper and many more.

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Roto Disc Wastewater Purification System

Roto-Disc Features

Large surface filtration

Low pressure drop

Reduced cleaning frequencies

Reduced water consumption for cleaning

Minimal maintenance

Ease of access

Available options:

Units are tailored to meet your requirements and integrate as seamlessly as possible into your production process. Contact us to discuss your specific needs or to obtain more details on equipment specifications.


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