Industrial Oil Recycling & Recovery

Want to Improve the Performance of Your Company’s Oils?

Contaminants can affect the performance of oils and reduce their effectiveness. Oils contaminated with either foreign liquids and/or solids can easily be recycled to their original state using Maratek’s waste oil recycling systems such as the OVR and TORS units.

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The OVR and TORS units are designed for simple and efficient operation. These units allow you to:

Reclaim oil on site and save.

Avoid down time - oil purification can be accomplished while your equipment is in operation.

Avoid transporting contaminated material and reduce liability.

Improve performance of your equipment and reduce repairs and maintenance costs. 

Fast Payback.


Oil Recycling & Recovery Equipment


Oil Recycling System
(OVR Model)

Our OVR oil recycling system is designed to remove solids, water and other contaminants from industrial oil waste streams.


Transformer Oil Regeneration System (TORS Model)

Maratek’s Transformer Oil Recycling System (TORS) is designed to treat the insulating oils used in high voltage transformers and switch-gears.


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