Battery Manufacturing - NMP Vapor & Solvent Recovery

VOC Capture and Emission Abatement

Maratek has developed a proprietary direct volatile organic compound (VOC) capture & recovery system and efficient emission abatement technology to provide a sustainable solution for battery manufacturers.

With this technology, solvent vapors like N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) are captured and recycled, which allows battery producers to reuse the solvent in their manufacturing process. Maratek's cutting-edge technology can achieve exceptional recovery rates surpassing 98%.

Due to growing environmental concern, governmental and regulatory bodies have enacted more stringent air quality regulations, requiring the reduction of VOCs due to the risks that they pose. The use of Maratek’s vapor capture and emission abatement technology will not only demonstrate environmental responsibility, but also generate substantial cost savings by reducing valuable vapor losses. As a result, manufacturers can minimize the frequency and expense of solvent purchasing, while showcasing a commitment to responsible manufacturing.  

As a leader in solvent recycling and recovery equipment, Maratek is trusted worldwide by many companies due to our dedication to providing high quality custom engineering. At Maratek, our team will review your application and work with you to develop, design, and implement a unique vapor capture and emission abatement solution suited to your specific manufacturing process. Our goal is to help you reduce operational expenses and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

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Operating Principle

Below is a description of how VOC capture technology operates through direct condensation within a battery cathode coating line:

  1. The manufacturer's oven/coater produces NMP vapors that exit through the oven exhaust.
  2. The solvent vapors are then channeled to a pre-cooling heat exchanger, where they begin to cool.
  3. The pure solvent vapors are cycled through a condenser where they are further cooled into a condensate. 
  4. The liquid solvent is then directed to the clean solvent collection drums, where it can be re-used.

Vapor Capture Diagram v2

VOC Capture and Emission Abatement with Automation

This system can operate virtually without an operator allowing you to capture NMP, alcohols, acetone, and many other solvent vapors with high efficiency. To determine the right sizing and features for your application our team will assess the characteristics of your waste stream. 

The vapor capture and emission abatement technology can recover condensate that is 99.9% pure without the use of scrubbers, molecular sieves, or carbon filters. This technology can be implemented with closed loop direct insertion into ovens and can also be equipped with refrigerated or cryogenic condensation. 

All systems are fully constructed of 304 and 316 stainless steels. They are designed with modern digital control systems that can support Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and other brands. This technology can also receive remote access and support, data logging, and fully automatic unattended operation. By selecting the appropriate options, this technology can be tailored to fit a variety of applications and can be integrated into most industrial processes.


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