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Equipment Maintenance Plans

Repair service is not just about keeping your equipment functioning at all times - it is about protecting your investment, controlling costs by maximizing productivity, and ensuring your equipment enjoys maximum usage over the longest period of time. With on-site or remote support, our service and virtual service packages can deliver a rapid, effective, and long-lasting solution to our clients. This will not only avoid equipment failure, unplanned downtime, and costly repairs but also help you get the best of your equipment performance. 

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Equipment Spare Parts Package

Mechanical parts, electrical parts and operator interfaces can wear overtime.  We can advise you when it is time to replace these items before a failure occurs.  This will help you to preserve uptime and ensure operating efficiency.  With fast shipment to keep your production line up and running in case of an unexpected part failure, and a quick turnaround on custom parts, we help you optimize equipment operation.

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Equipment Repair Services

To keep equipment running efficiently, you need to establish a reliable connection with repair services.  Working closely with your engineering and manufacturing personnel, we provide comprehensive repair services aimed at keeping equipment running smoothly and minimizing downtime.  Our experienced service technicians can carry out repairs in accordance with your specific equipment needs in minimal amounts of time.


Operator Training in Progress

Equipment Operator Refresher Training

Well-trained operators are essential to keep your production processes running with maximum efficiency.  Good knowledge of your specific system is an asset for success and result in quick and safe work as well as long useful life of the equipment.  We offer a broad range of refresher training courses designed to ensure the performance of the equipment can be maximized.

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Equipment Rebuilds and Upgrade

As technology advances, upgrading existing equipment offers new capabilities, improves effectiveness and provides confidence that you remain compliant with regulatory and safety requirements.  We offer one-time mechanical and PLC-Software upgrades as well as continuous upgrade programs to maximize the lifetime and efficient performance of your investment.

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Engineering Consulting and Complaince Support

Our strategic partnerships with an engineering firm with extensive experience in the process industry, as well as a regulatory consulting firm focused on the cannabis industry, can help augment your resources effectively.  Our engineering consultation can help assist with overall process improvement and optimization, and our advisory services can offer high quality advise about industry related practices in a large number of areas.  

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