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Professionally Engineered Solvent Recovery & Recycling Equipment

For more than 50 years Maratek has been engineering new solvent recycling & recovery equipment that helps our clients to save money by recycling waste streams in a wide variety of industries. As a result, our product lines have a wide range of applications. 

No matter your industry, our expertly designed equipment and deep knowledge of recycling and treatment technologies can revolutionize your business and provide strong ROI.

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Maratek has substantial solvent recovery & recycling experience in a wide range of industrial sectors, including:

Battery Manufacturing Industry Thumbnail

Battery Manufacturing

Maratek is experienced in recovering liquid and vapor battery solvent waste streams (like NMP) at small and large volumes. We can assist with your application's needs, providing you with an automated solvent recovery and recycling solution that generates cost savings and a reduced environmental impact.

Painting Industry Thumbnail

Finishings, Coatings & Paints

Maratek provides the finishings, coatings and paint industries on-site solvent recovery and recycling units that have the potential to reduce solvent purchases by up to 95% and significantly minimize waste. Our solvent recycling units can handle a comprehensive range of solvents like thinners, gun washes, and much more.

Printing and Ink Industry Thumbnail

Printing & Ink

In the commercial printing industry, offset printers are known for generating both waste ink and solvent-based waste. However, with the help of Maratek solvent recycling systems, printers can recover and reuse valuable resources like blanket wash, UV wash and other solvent-based printing waste. With Maratek you can save on solvent purchasing and reduce your waste. 

Automotive Industry Thumbnail


Maratek has experience in helping automotive paint and service shops properly process and recover wastes like solvents and oils. Our experts can help provide a solvent recovery and recycling solution that can reclaim valuable solvents for reuse, maximizing your savings in an environmentally friendly way. 

Furniture and Cabinetry Industry Thumbnail

Furniture & Cabinetry

The furniture finishing process often generates solvent waste that can be effectively recycled and reused. Maratek offers comprehensive solvent recovery and recycling systems to the furniture and cabinetry industry for the efficient processing and recycling of solvent wastes like lacquer thinners.

Electrical Industry Thumbnail


The electrical industry produces waste insulating oils, gear oils and solvents that can be recycled and reused. Maratek offers recycling and recovery units to electrical shops, equipment manufacturers and utility maintenance shops, to help save costs on disposal and reduce environmental impact.

Pharmaceutical Industry Thumbnail


Maratek's team of experts is prepared to explore recovery and recycling solutions for waste generated by the pharmaceutical industry, encompassing manufacturing processes, equipment cleaning, and laboratory waste management. This can include solvents like acetone, alcohols, and much more.

Fiberglass Industry Thumbnail


In fiberglass manufacturing there are opportunities to save costs on solvent purchasing and reduce your environmental impact. By using Maratek solvent recovery and recycling systems you can reduce your solvent costs and help the environment through reusing your solvents.

Aerospace Industry Thumbnail

Aerospace & Marine

The aerospace and marine transportation industries, generate a wide range of solvents and oil wastes that require proper recycling or disposal. Some examples include solvents like thinners and acetone. Maratek offers state-of-the-art solvent waste recovery and recycling systems that not only cut down on solvent expenses, but also greatly diminish your ecological footprint. 

Oil and Gas Industry Thumbnail

Oil & Gas

At Maratek, we provide solvent recovery and recycling systems to the oil and gas industry. Our units not only help reduce waste, but also save valuable resources. Such as contaminated oils and solvents that can easily be recycled back to their original state for reuse. Let Maratek help you make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.

Asphalt Industry Thumbnail

Transportation & Asphalt

Maratek is the go-to partner for municipal transportation departments, asphalt contractors and construction companies when it comes to efficiently processing solvents. Our units assist these industries to reuse or dispose of these substances. Maratek systems are capable of recycling asphalt solvents, air gun wash, paint solvents, and more.

Metal Finishing Industry Thumbnail

Metal Finishing

Maratek's solvent recycling equipment offers a sustainable solution for the metal fabrication and finishing industry's liquid cleaning and process wastes. Our advanced systems can effectively recycle a wide variety of solvents, tailored to meet the needs of your industry. Let us help you with a solution that not only limits resource waste, but also minimizes environmental impact.



At Maratek we offer a variety of solutions for industrial botanical production. We have equipment for extraction, oil & solvent recovery, and post-processing. Whether you are working with tabacco, hops, or other types of botanical material we can help. Our systems provide a high level of automation and produce consistent high-quality results. When working with Maratek, expect nothing less than premium precision and performance.

Cannabis industry

Cannabis & Hemp

Maratek is a leader in industrial cannabis and hemp equipment manufacturing. Our offerings are comprehensive automated solutions, engineered to scale with your business, ensuring seamless operation and efficiency at every level. Whether you're a startup or an established operation looking to elevate your production capabilities, Maratek's systems are tailor-made to help you reach your goals. 

Flexographic printing

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing presses are often cleaned with solvent blends made up of n-Propanol and Propyl Acetate. We can help flexographic printers recover and their waste solvents. Our solvent recovery and recycling equipment is a great way for printers to lower their solvent purchasing and minimize their waste disposal costs, helping printers save money and reduce their environmental impact.



Innovative Solvent Recycling & Recovery Cost-Saving Solutions

No matter what you need, you’ll be in good hands at Maratek. As market leaders, we take pride in providing our customers around the world with reliable, innovative and cost-saving, solvent recovery & recycling solutions. 

We'll help you establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly solution for recycling your solvents. Most importantly, we will help you save money - improving your annual profits and empowering your business to scale and grow.

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What Our Clients Say

The Solvent Saver 300 system Maratek installed here at Colorado Printing is working extremely well. It has lived up to every Maratek claim. We had tried another system that was nothing but headache after headache. We are pleased the Maratek Solvent Saver was able to help us reclaim our waste solvents.

Steve Brewer

Colorado Printing


I am pleased with Maratek's automatic recycling unit and service department. They have enabled us to clean up our contaminated solvent waste so that we can reuse it on-site.

Pro Form Products Ltd.

pro form3

The Maratek Solvent Saver was installed just over 3 years ago and I can say it has lived up to its claims of being able to provide quality recovered solvent for reuse on our Heidelberg sheetfed presses. We had looked at other systems but the flexibility, small space requirements, and being able to use our current solvent without switching made the Maratek system our final choice. We feel we made the right decision. Lake Country Press believes in doing its part in helping our environment, the Maratek Solvent Saver definitely plays a big part in our environmental and cost saving initiatives.

Lake Country Press

Lake County-1

We have had the Maratek Solvent Saver for several years now and without a doubt it helped us achieve and maintain lower waste generator status and make our waste volume more manageable. I allow tours for Maratek because I am proud of what it does for us and feel everyone that creates solvent waste should have a Maratek System.

Standard Printing Company


Maratek's unit has worked really well. We have been using it to recycle toluene from road paints, but most surprising of all - we can't believe how quiet it is.

City of Burnaby

city of burnaby-1

We have had very few issues with our recycling unit. The installation and on-site setup was simple and fast.

Auria Solutions


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