Battery Manufacturing - NMP Vapor & Solvent Recovery

Single Stage Solvent Recovery

To stay competitive in the market, it's crucial to keep costs down. But it's just as important to meet regulatory requirements and promote environmental sustainability through responsible practices. As a battery manufacturer, how can you accomplish this?

With Maratek’s single stage battery solvent recovery systems, you can expect to recover and reuse up to 99% of your used solvents like N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). Reducing the need to purchase virgin solvent and minimizing your waste production. This line of solvent recycling equipment processes waste solvent automatically with almost no operator intervention required. 

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Waste solvent streams can be recycled efficiently and economically by using Maratek's battery solvent recovery units. Each unit is designed based on your application requirements to integrate seamlessly into your production process. Regardless of the composition of your waste solvent stream, most contaminated solvents, including NMP, can be recycled to a reusable purity.

Sovent Saver Continuous

Operating Principle

Maratek’s battery solvent recycling models separate solvents like NMP using the proven process of distillation, as described below.

  1. The waste solvent is automatically pumped into the distillation vessel. 
  2. The distillation vessel is encapsulated with a jacket of thermal oil that is heated by one or more electric heaters which brings the waste solvent to its boiling point. Generally, the pure NMP remains as a bottom product and any impurities are distilled out of the feed mixture.
  3. The vapors are then channeled through a condenser to recover the distillate.
  4. The pure NMP solvent recovered as a bottom product is collected in a clean solvent collection drum, where it can be re-used.
  5. As the solvent is recovered, new waste is automatically fed into the unit without operator intervention.
Single Stage Distillation Diagram

A Versatile Model with More Automation

The single stage battery solvent recovery unit can recover between 5 to 100+ gallons/hour and operate virtually without an operator. To find the right size for your application our team will assess the characteristics of your waste stream. 

These rates are assigned according to the reference chemical, acetone, without any contaminants. These models do not use bags and include many automations. Internal scrapers are also used to manage waste buildup inside the vessel and assist with discharge of viscous wastes. 

All of these units are fully constructed of 304 and 316 stainless steels. Air cooling is standard for smaller sizes but can be changed to water without additional cost. Larger systems are water cooled systems and require a source of chilling water which can be provided by Maratek. 

By selecting the appropriate options, these units can be tailored to fit a variety of applications and they can be integrated into most industrial uses. Maratek battery solvent recovery units can be configured with different heating and condensing mediums, making these units extremely versatile. 



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