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Custom Engineered Solvent Recovery & Recycling Equipment

Across industries, many waste streams require unique solutions. Maratek can design custom solvent recovery and recycling equipment to address specific application requirements.

In the design of custom systems, we not only consider the recycling process, but also integration into the plant, ease of operation, and payback. We know that the key to a successful solution is understanding your needs and adapting to them. 

Through detailed project review, process simulations, visual renders, fabrication and engineering expertise, Maratek helps manufacturers make informed decisions, reduce costs, and enhance their business operations.

For over 50 years, Maratek has remained a trusted partner, providing the expertise needed to navigate complex applications and assist manufacturers in achieving new heights of success worldwide.

Our department of dedicated in-house engineers is ready to design and develop an optimal solution for you. Get a quote today or contact us with any questions you may have.

Specialized Solutions for Your Unique Applications

Maratek specializes in product research, testing, engineering design and the manufacture of solvent recovery and recycling equipment. 

We have a strong history of designing and manufacturing solvent distillation equipment for the printing, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, paints & coatings, furniture, and metal finishing industries.

Maratek solvent distillation systems are pilot tested, designed, and fabricated in-house. We use simulation software to regress pilot test results and develop final process design. Our engineers create a custom designed engineering package that includes the PFD, P&ID, general arrangement, vessel drawings, and equipment specification sheets. 


After customer approval, our engineering staff will mechanically and electrically design the equipment and modular system to any customer's specifications.

Our experienced manufacturing shop will fabricate the equipment to assemble the system components. After final inspection, the equipment and/or system is shipped to the customer site for installation. We also provide operating manuals to train plant operators and start-up services to complete the project.

Let our staff of experienced engineers guarantee your company the correct process design and equipment for your application. 

All of the process design and fabrication is done in-house so that you do not have to worry about a group of unfamiliar and untested subcontractors. The benefit to you is a controlled schedule and improved quality at a lower cost.

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Engineer to Order Solutions Brochure

Maratek isn't simply an equipment provider we are a solution provider. In this brochure you can learn more about how Maratek can help engineer a solution to your unique application.

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