Partnership Opportunities

Learn More About Maratek's Partnership Opportunities

Maratek is now offering business opportunities to other companies around the world. If you are interested in establishing a solvent recycling plant to service local businesses who want to recycle their solvent products, please contact us as we'd like to discuss the business opportunity for a partnership.

Why Partner With Maratek?

Maratek is a top solvent recycling equipment manufacturer, and a leader in custom-designed R&D solvent recycling equipment projects since 1980, with deep solvent industry experience. 

Now Maratek is able to share this experience with other markets around the world, particularly with rapidly growing recycling businesses in emerging economies. 

Maratek has been able to sell complete turnkey solvent recovery plant solutions to companies in Tel Aviv, Israel; in Moscow, Russia; and Johannesburg in South Africa, with several other projects in the pipeline in Brazil, India and China.

Maratek offers a complete turnkey solution for emerging markets, that involves everything from new product research and development (if required to fit local standards and custom types of solvent waste), the manufacturing of industrial solvent recycling equipment, and providing high-level consulting expertise by leveraging the company’s expert engineering knowledge and senior staff. 

To stay competitive, businesses around the world have got to keep their manufacturing costs low. But to keep regulators happy and customers and investors interested in a clean well managed business, you've got to demonstrate “green” and environmentally friendly initiatives. 

Maratek can help by providing the broadest range of solvent recycling equipment and solutions on the market, with solvent recycling equipment addressing the specific issues of the particular industry sector, such as print and ink solvent recycling, furniture, aerospace and automotive industry solvent recovery, and even oil recovery and industrial process water purification systems.

Maratek is particularly well known for its highly-engineered, quality products, and they are well positioned in the global market with thousands of solvent recycling units operating throughout the world.

The company has acquired a wealth of technical experience that has made it a world leader in designing and manufacturing equipment for reducing, recycling and reusing industries' liquid waste streams, especially solvents.

Fill out the form and we'll get in touch to discuss partnership opportunities.

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What Our Clients Say

The Solvent Saver 300 system Maratek installed here at Colorado Printing is working extremely well. It has lived up to every Maratek claim. We had tried another system that was nothing but headache after headache. We are pleased the Maratek Solvent Saver was able to help us reclaim our waste solvents.

Steve Brewer

Colorado Printing


I am pleased with Maratek's automatic recycling unit and service department. They have enabled us to clean up our contaminated solvent waste so that we can reuse it on-site.

Pro Form Products Ltd.

pro form3

The Maratek Solvent Saver was installed just over 3 years ago and I can say it has lived up to its claims of being able to provide quality recovered solvent for reuse on our Heidelberg sheetfed presses. We had looked at other systems but the flexibility, small space requirements, and being able to use our current solvent without switching made the Maratek system our final choice. We feel we made the right decision. Lake Country Press believes in doing its part in helping our environment, the Maratek Solvent Saver definitely plays a big part in our environmental and cost saving initiatives.

Lake Country Press

Lake County-1

We have had the Maratek Solvent Saver for several years now and without a doubt it helped us achieve and maintain lower waste generator status and make our waste volume more manageable. I allow tours for Maratek because I am proud of what it does for us and feel everyone that creates solvent waste should have a Maratek System.

Standard Printing Company


Maratek's unit has worked really well. We have been using it to recycle toluene from road paints, but most surprising of all - we can't believe how quiet it is.

City of Burnaby

city of burnaby-1

We have had very few issues with our recycling unit. The installation and on-site setup was simple and fast.

Auria Solutions


Talk to a Maratek sales engineer to find out more and learn about financing options.