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Maratek Announces New Cannabis & Hemp Oil Extraction Equipment
It was just three years ago that Maratek revolutionized the cannabis industry with its Oil and Ethanol Recovery systems (OERS) that automated three labor and eq...
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CBD Oil Extraction: What is Decarboxylation?
There is more information than ever before on the extraction processes of CBD oil and the benefits of using such products, but there are still a large number of...
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How is Hemp CBD Oil Different From Cannabis CBD Oil?
  The cannabinoid (CBD) industry is continuing to grow leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, but do you know the difference between CBD oil derived fr...
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Recycling Solvents Used In Processing Medical Cannabis
If you are starting out (or established) in the legal cannabis industry, you are probably aware that the solvents used in the extraction process can be pricey. ...
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Maratek to Launch Newly-Engineered Products at MJBizCon 2019
With MJBizCon 2019 just around the corner, Maratek Environmental - the award-winning, industry leader in the manufacture of solvent recycling and cannabis / hem...
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Cannabis and Hemp Extraction: What is the Winterization Process?
If you are in the CBD oil extraction business, you’ll know just how important it is to create a highly pure end product for your customers or patients. A clean ...
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Solvent Recycling: Do You Need a Custom Engineering Solution?
Recycling your solvents in-house will help your business realize a wide range of benefits, such as helping you save money on buying new virgin solvents, signifi...
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What is Fractional Distillation When it Comes to Cannabis and Hemp Extraction?
When it comes to cannabis and hemp oil extraction it really boils down to the end-product that your business is creating. So, how can your company not only crea...
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