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What is Flexographic Printing?
The flexographic printing industry is a new industry, introduced in the 2000s. Flexographic printing was developed through the advancements of technology to imp...
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What is MEK and How is it Used as a Solvent?
MEK, short for the scientific term Methyl Ethyl Ketone or butanone in some cases, is an organic compound with the chemical formula of C4H8O. This translates to ...
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What is Fractional Distillation, and How is it Used for NMP and Water?
Fractional distillation is a process of separating a mixture of chemical compounds into its component parts or fraction. 
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Top 3 Benefits of Solvent Recycling
The expensive costs of solvent purchasing and resulting waste can cause unnecessary expenses that can be easily reduced with a reliable solvent recycling and re...
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How NMP can be Recovered in the Car Battery Manufacturing Industry
NMP, also known as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, is a popular solvent used in many industries worldwide. 
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What is Hexane Solvent?
Hexane is an organic compound that is a straight chain alkaline, and is used in a range of extraction scenarios. The molecular formula of hexane is C6 and H14, ...
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What is NMP Solvent?
NMP is a solvent that’s growing in popularity thanks to its solubility and flashpoint. It’s a key material in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, but costs of ...
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What is NPB Solvent?
NPB or also known as N-Propyl bromide or 1-bromopropane, is a solvent that is used in metal cleaning, vapor degreasing, and dry cleaning.  NPB is an organobromi...
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