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Distillation and Isolation of Cannabinoids: The Distillation Process
The process of distillation and isolation takes place in the final stages of creating a cannabis oil extract, which is made using the dried plant in crude extra...
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Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction Equipment for Extracting Cannabis Oil
There are many different ways to extract or remove marijuana or hemp oils from a cannabis plant, such as CO2 extraction, warm ethanol extraction, cryogenic etha...
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Webinar #2: Solvent Recovery Bottlenecks in Cannabis & Hemp Extraction
In the first blog on our second webinar, we talked about some of the most common bottlenecks involved in the cannabis and hemp extraction process once you scale...
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Webinar #1: Scaling Cannabis and Hemp Oil Production
If you tuned into our first webinar, or read our two-part blog where we summarized what was discussed, we hope you learned some information about scaling up you...
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How to Scale up Your Cannabis and Hemp Extraction Projects (Part 2)
Looking for more information on scaling up your cannabis or hemp extraction project? After summarizing the cannabis and hemp oil production process in part one ...
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How to Scale up Your Cannabis and Hemp Extraction Projects (Part 1)
This summer Maratek is running a series of webinars, looking at how you can scale your cannabis and hemp extraction projects from lab to industrial and the chal...
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Maratek Announces New Cannabis & Hemp Oil Extraction Equipment
It was just three years ago that Maratek revolutionized the cannabis industry with its Oil and Ethanol Recovery systems (OERS) that automated three labor and eq...
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CBD Oil Extraction: What is Decarboxylation?
There is more information than ever before on the extraction processes of CBD oil and the benefits of using such products, but there are still a large number of...
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