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What is NMP Solvent?
NMP is a solvent that’s growing in popularity thanks to its solubility and flashpoint. It’s a key material in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, but costs of ...
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What is NPB Solvent?
NPB or also known as N-Propyl bromide or 1-bromopropane, is a solvent that is used in metal cleaning, vapor degreasing, and dry cleaning.  NPB is an organobromi...
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What are Thinner and Lacquer Solvents?
Thinner and lacquer solvents are commonly mistaken together as they both share very similar roles as solvents.  Thinner is a liquid that is added into another t...
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What is Varsol Solvent, and How is it Used?
Varsol solvent, also referred to as white, mineral, and turpentine, is a petroleum distillate used to thin oil-based paints. Varsol is a petroleum derived clear...
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What is Solvent Recovery and How Does it Work?
When purchasing solvent, the majority of buyers use it once, and then dispose of the waste after a single use. This is neither efficient nor economical for a bu...
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The Benefits of Financing a Solvent Recycling Machine
For any business, one of the most important aspects of being successful is managing their budget to maximize profits. For companies that use large amounts of so...
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How Does Manufacturing Equipment Financing Work?
Manufacturing companies have a tremendous amount of flexibility regarding their finance structures and what they can finance in the current market.
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