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Mexico Set to Legalize Recreational Use of Cannabis and Hemp Products
Although cannabis and hemp have been used for medicinal purposes in several parts of the world, the legalization of the plant for recreational use is a relative...
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How to Purchase Ethanol for Cannabis or Hemp Oil Extraction
There are multiple processes used to extract cannabis oil, one of the most common types is solvent extraction. The main types of solvent used in this process ar...
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What is THC and CBD Isolate, and What Equipment is Needed to Produce it?
An isolate in the cannabis industry is the purest product you can achieve. After extracting crude oil from the initial biomass, then winterizing, decarboxylatin...
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What is the Fractional Distillation Process in Solvent Recovery?
Fractional distillation is a solvent recycling process that can be used for solvent purification as well as oil refining. It is used for separating complex mixt...
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Cannabis and Hemp Extraction Methods: What is Ethanol Extraction?
Advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce higher-quality cannabis products, while at the same time significantly improving their profit m...
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An Overview of the Cannabis and Hemp Oil Distillation Process
Are you looking to improve your cannabis and hemp oil extraction methods? In this blog, Maratek is going to give an overview of the cannabis and hemp oil distil...
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An Overview of the Leading Cannabis and Hemp Oil Extraction Methods
In the hemp and cannabis oil industry, there are three main ways to extract oil: ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon (butane) extraction, and CO2 extraction.
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