Tips on Choosing a Silver Recovery and Recycling Service

There are several industries who are the common generators of silver-containing wastes, these include:

  • Graphic Arts Industry
  • Photo Finishers
  • Metal Plating Industries
  • Industrial and Medical Services
  • X-ray Users
  • Precious Metal Platers

Silver waste comes in a variety of forms including photographic film, paper, ash and sludge. All are a form of industrial and commercial waste that has to be professionally, safely and environmentally dealt with and managed.

silver recycling and silver recovery - safe and environmentally friendly

With silver waste there is an opportunity to recover some of the silver metal product from the waste.  

Admittedly silver prices vary and fluctuate according to market conditions, but generally speaking silver should be recovered from these multiple sources, and can contribute to the bottom line.


So why is choosing silver recovery and recycling services so important?

If you generate hazardous waste, including silver waste, you are responsible for the proper handling, recycling or disposal of that waste. Yes silver waste in some forms is a hazardous waste and most people don't realize that silver-containing wastes, because of their toxicity, are typically considered hazardous wastes before and during the recovery, or disposal process.

Businesses and institutions that generate silver-containing wastes are therefore responsible and liable for the handling of these silver wastes, as well as the safe and environmentally friendly handling and off-site management by others.

Therefore, choosing a responsible silver recoverer or silver recycler can help protect you by minimizing the chance that silver wastes will be mismanaged.

While some other kinds of silver-containing wastes may not be regarded as "hazardous wastes" they can still cause toxicity problems if released into the environment and therefore require an environmentally responsible approach to their handling.

Therefore full compliance with standards, and compliance with protecting the environment, is a responsibility of the you and the company you select to use for your silver recovery and silver recycling.

What is the difference between silver recoverers and silver recyclers?

Silver recoverers combine on-site silver recovery consulting services with silver recycling services. A recoverer will typically: assist the generator in recovering silver from waste streams; pick up and purchase recovered silver from the generator; and prepare and sell the recovered silver to a refinery for purification.

Silver recyclers usually do not provide on-site recovery consulting or pick up of recovered silver. A recycler will typically purchase silver waste, recover silver from it and sell the recovered silver to a refinery for purification.

At Maratek Environmental Inc. we practice both services depending on the clients needs.  

How do I choose a reputable silver recoverer or recycler?

Focus on experience and professionalism - Ask questions to learn about their experience and professionalism.

Some tips about asking questions to silver recoverers and silver recyclers:

• What is your overall business?
• What is the relationship (e.g., size, corporate structure, etc.) between your silver \ \recovery/recycling services and the larger, overall operations your company performs?
• How long have you been in your overall business. . . and how long have you been providing silver recovery/recycling services?
• Do you perform on-site consulting?
• How much silver recovery/recycling do you do?
• What is your procedure for pickup of silver waste or recovered silver and delivery of silver recovery devices?
• What do you do with the silver waste or recovered silver after you purchase it?
• Who is your refiner?
• Who are your customers?
(Ask for a list of customers with needs similar to yours, and then contact those customers to find out their level of satisfaction with the recoverer/recycler)

Maratek Environmental is a certified silver recycler and silver recoverer.  If you are interested in any of our services ... we practice safe and environmentally friendly silver processing - Please give us a call Toll Free: 1.800.667.6272.