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Solvent Saver Engineered (SSE) Recycling Equipment

If your waste stream is not compatible with our standard product lines (SSB, SSBP and SSC) Maratek’s team of engineers will use a variety of tools to properly test, assess, design and implement a custom on-site solution for you. These units are tailored to your facility, waste stream and goals. Our team will determine the appropriate method of recycling as well as a variety of features to provide a highly automated user friendly, and highly efficient process. 

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SSE Technical Drawings

We Design Custom Engineered Solutions

Some of the features include specialized fractionation columns, membrane evaporation, scrapers, and absorption towers. Depending on the chemical to be recycled, Maratek will properly design a solution to enable you to complete on-site recycling, which will ultimately save money, time, and help the environment.

Our experienced manufacturing shop will fabricate the equipment to assemble the system components. After rigorous testing and inspection, the equipment is shipped to the customer site for installation and start up by Maratek’s skilled technicians. We also provide operating manuals and lifetime remote support at no additional charge.

Let our staff of experienced engineers guarantee your company has the correct process design and equipment for your application.

All of the process design and fabrication is done in-house so that you do not have to worry about a group of unfamiliar and untested subcontractors. The benefit to you is a controlled schedule and improved quality at a lower cost.

Engineering Expertise & Unit Types

Fractionation Columns

Specialized fractionation distillation columns can be engineered to help separate solvents into a number of components. The fractionation columns are generally added when the chemical components have similar boiling points, to further ease the separation process. The engineering team at Maratek uses SolidWorks to design and implement the fractionation columns in order to optimize the solvent recovery rate.

Heat Integration

Maratek’s team analyzes the entire overall process to determine ways in which the overall energy consumption can be minimized. The engineers use process flow diagrams (PFD) and simulation software to model and optimize these recycling processes. The software allows Maratek to determine the feasible separation of solvent mixtures, and helps the engineers evaluate condensers, fractionation columns, heating/cooling mechanisms and more, enabling the overall process to be even more environmentally friendly.

Steam Heat

Steam heating is a customized option that allows systems to be heated using steam instead of traditional thermal oil and electricity. Companies may choose to use this approach to conserve energy, because steam releases a much higher amount of energy over a shorter period of time. Steam heating is rapid, even, and can be effectively controlled by varying the pressure. Therefore, steam heating is extremely easy to control, and conserves a large portion of the unit’s energy.

Fabrication, Installation & Service

Our experienced manufacturing shop will fabricate the equipment to assemble the system components. After final inspection, the equipment and or system is shipped to the customer site for installation. We also provide the operating manuals to train plant operators and on site start-up services to complete the project. Let our staff of experienced engineers guarantee your company of the correct process design and equipment for your application.

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Custom Engineered Solvent Saver Equipment

Engineered (SSE) Brochure

Maratek’s solvent recycling SSE models separate solvents using the proven process of distillation. View the Batch (SSE) brochure.

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ROI solvent recycling calculator

ROI Calculator

Calculate your annual return on investment for recycling waste solvents using our online ROI calculator. Find out how much you can save by re-using solvents.

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Solvent Recycling Equipment Selection Guide

Equipment Selection Guide

Learn how to choose the right solvent recycling process for your business. Answer key questions and learn more about selection criteria.

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