Maratek's Share the Savings Program: Risk-Free Solvent Recycling

Share Savings bIn the quest for operational efficiency and environmental sustainability, many companies face the dual challenge of reducing waste and managing costs. 

Traditional solvent disposal methods - a significant expense and environmental concern in various industries - now have an innovative counter-solution: Maratek's Share the Savings program.

This program redefines solvent recovery, making it an accessible and risk-free solution for businesses.

Discover Maratek's Share the Savings Program

Maratek's pioneering Share the Savings program introduces an equipment subscription model that lowers entry barriers for solvent recovery adoption. It includes on-site installation and maintenance of solvent recovery equipment, enabling businesses to harness the benefits of efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solvent recycling with zero upfront investment or risk.

Key Advantages of Maratek's Share the Savings Program

✔️  Immediate Cost Reduction: Implementing this program allows immediate commencement of on-site solvent recycling, significantly lowering solvent purchase costs. Recycled solvents are of high purity, suitable for reuse in manufacturing, thus positively impacting the bottom line.

✔️  Risk-Free Trials for Assured Quality: Maratek guarantees the quality of recovered solvents with risk-free trials, ensuring they meet the specific standards required for your applications.

✔️  No Upfront Capital Costs and Flexible Financing: The program eliminates the burden of large initial investments, offering flexible payment terms that ease financial pressures.

✔️  Environmentally Responsible Waste Management: By recycling solvents on-site, companies align with eco-friendly practices, reducing their ecological footprint and minimizing waste disposal.

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How Maratek's Share the Savings Program Transforms Your Operations

Step 1: Tailored Application Review: Our team collaborates with you to understand your specific solvent use and waste generation, customizing equipment solutions to your needs.

Step 2: Demonstrating Cost Savings: We project your potential savings, aiming for a minimum of 50% cost reduction.

Step 3: Expert Installation and Training: Our skilled technicians ensure seamless equipment integration, providing comprehensive on-site training and initial cycle supervision.

Step 4: Continuous Support and Maintenance: Maratek's commitment extends beyond installation, with ongoing system monitoring, maintenance support, and rapid response to any operational queries.

Wide Industry Reach and Customizability

The Share the Savings program serves a diverse range of industries including printing, paints & coatings, automotive, battery manufacturing, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals. Our flexible approach offers a variety of systems like the Solvent Saver Batch, Continuous, Engineering, and Printing models, as well as the FLEXO units, each tailored to meet unique industry demands.

A Step Towards Sustainable Manufacturing

Maratek's Share the Savings program is a groundbreaking step for businesses aiming for cost-effective, sustainable solvent recovery practices. This program not only significantly cuts costs and reduces waste but also fosters eco-friendly operations across industries. 

Its seamless implementation, continuous support, and industry-specific adaptability make solvent recovery straightforward and beneficial. 

For a more efficient, economical, and environmentally conscious approach to industrial manufacturing, Maratek’s Share the Savings program is the solution. Interested in learning more? Contact our team today


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