The True Value of Onsite Solvent Recycling and Recovery

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Industrial manufacturers considering solvent recycling and waste management may have questions about the cost. When discussing finances, it is easy to get distracted by the upfront costs, but solvent recycling provides many long-term benefits that outweigh that initial upfront expense. This includes ongoing disposal cost savings, reduced solvent purchasing costs, and improved environmental sustainability. In this blog we look at the true value of solvent recovery and recycling.

Disposal Costs

Traditional waste disposal companies typically collect full solvent drums, charging fees for both pickup and disposal. Depending on the amount of solvent waste your business produces regularly, these expenses can become costly. In addition, in between each pickup you lose valuable floor space that must be used to store your waste until it can be collected by the disposal company. However, this process does not end there. In some instances, the disposers opt to recycle the waste themselves and resell it to other manufacturers. Which means that by using a third-party waste disposal company, they may be reaping the benefits of your recovered waste instead of you.

The Endless Cycle of Solvent Purchasing

The disposal of solvents perpetuates the need to replenish your solvent stock. After disposal, a manufacturer must inevitably purchase new solvents from suppliers. This results in manufacturers continuing to pay high solvent costs that will unavoidably increase over time. Depending solely on virgin solvent leaves your business at the mercy of the industrial chemical market. The cyclical nature of these constant solvent purchases can place a financial strain that hinders sustainable business growth over time.

Environmental Sustainability

Many regions have begun to regulate and monitor the amount of waste that manufacturers produce regularly. In some instances, companies may be required to pay additional taxes or fees according to their waste volumes. By recycling solvent waste your business will be able to stay within governmental regulations avoiding potential added costs and allow you to contribute to the circular economy.


How to Begin Solvent Recovery and Recycling without Upfront Costs

If you are reluctant to start solvent recycling due to the cost of purchasing a system, Maratek would like to introduce our Share the Savings program. Share the Savings is designed to remove the financial risk of adding solvent recycling to your manufacturing process. With this program, you will be provided with Maratek equipment on-site with no required money down and capital expenses. If you wish to start saving at least 50% on your solvent purchasing and disposal costs, with minimal risk, this program is an excellent fit for you. All manufacturers have a shared responsibility to take care of our earth.

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At Maratek, we believe that providing manufacturers access to environmentally friendly equipment is paramount, whether through programs like share the savings or an upfront purchase. Through decreasing the financial burden of solvent recycling and recovery, we are doing our part to help lower the barrier for manufacturers to make the sustainable decision of implementing solvent recycling.

Working with Maratek

With over 50 years of experience, Maratek has cemented its reputation as a leader in solvent recovery recycling equipment. Our award-winning equipment helps clients maintain competitiveness in increasingly stringent markets, while adhering to regulatory mandates. Whether through off-the-shelf solutions or systems tailored to unique requirements, Maratek guarantees optimal performance and unparalleled cost savings. Moreover, our equipment is renowned for its build quality, a wide selection of features, as well as ongoing remote and in-person support. Maratek systems are equipped with a high level of automation that helps to improve operational efficiency and reduce your need for operator assistance.

Embark on a Journey Towards Sustainability

At Maratek, we are committed to aiding in the transition towards a sustainable future. Through complimentary waste stream analyses and no-obligation quotes, we equip clients with the insight and resources needed to embark on this journey. The cost of solvent recycling is more than just an upfront financial consideration, it involves reviewing both the ongoing cost savings and environmental benefits.

Maratek offers comprehensive solutions that redefine the boundaries of solvent waste management. Join us in our mission to improve manufacturing industry practices and forge a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can start recycling your solvent waste and unlock a future defined by profitability and environmental responsibility.

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