3 Major Benefits Of Fractional Distillation Solvent Recovery Systems

Industrial Custom Fractional Distillation WasteFractional Distillation is a game-changer for industries dealing with complex chemical mixtures, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, oil and gas, as well as food production. 
This advanced process efficiently separates multiple chemical components, each with distinct concentrations, boiling points, and densities, in a single unit.

What is Fractional Distillation? 

Fractional Distillation is an advanced scientific process used to separate mixtures of liquids that have different boiling points.

It's a technique that refines and purifies complex mixtures by taking advantage of the different rates at which each component in the mixture vaporizes. This process is crucial in industries where the purity of chemical components is paramount.

The Fractional Distillation Process:

Heating the Mixture: The process begins with heating the mixture in a distillation column. As the temperature rises, the component with the lowest boiling point vaporizes first.

Separation through Columns: The vaporized component ascends through a series of trays or plates in the fractional column. Each plate represents a stage where the vapor cools and condenses, then is re-heated and re-vaporized. This repeated heating and cooling efficiently separate components based on their boiling points.

Collection of Distillates: Different components of the mixture are collected at various levels of the column. The substance with the lowest boiling point reaches the top and is collected first, followed by the higher boiling point components.

Purity and Refinement: The key to Fractional Distillation is its ability to achieve a high degree of purity. By controlling the temperature and the number of trays, it's possible to separate components with very close boiling points, which is not achievable with simple distillation. 

Applications of Fractional Distillation Include:
  • Petroleum refining
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Cannabis and hemp production
  • Environmental science

The Benefits of Fractional Distillation 

With that in mind, here are three major benefits of using these systems for your recovery purposes:

1. Fractional Distillation is able to handle any waste streams

Because Fractional Distillation units are custom designed and made to the exact requirements of the client, the precise ratios, compounds and concentrations are taken into account to ensure the final product is the highest quality possible. It is able to recycle solvents, alcohols, oil & gas, and any combinations of chemicals and other compounds.

2. Fractional Distillation works with any size of industry

When considering a custom made piece of equipment, it's important to know how much waste you produce which would require recycling. Many Fractional Distillation systems can operate in a batch (waste is added as produced) or a continuous (automated) feed approach. Also, they can be built to accommodate feed sizes as small as 1 gallon/hour to as large as 500 gallons/hour.

3. More efficient than simple distillation equipment

Because most Fractional Distillation machines are custom made for the client, they are made to be as energy efficient as possible. The latest in design, testing and manufacturing software are used, this leads to the most efficient piece of equipment possible in terms of operating costs, labor costs, final product purity and amount of final product.

Maratek Environmental has been designing, testing and manufacturing custom & off-the-shelf solvent, chemical and waste water recycling equipment for over 40 years. We offer unparalleled service every step of the process, including a free lab test of your waste stream to provide you with an accurate ROI of savings of your recovery method. Because we do not outsource any process, you can be sure that no unfamiliar subcontractors are involved.

We also provide a rental program with no up front costs or fixed contracts. We guarantee it will save you money from the day you receive it.


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