Methods of Processing, Managing and Treating Wastewater Streams

Industrial_Wastewater_Treatment.jpgAs many companies and industries are turning to green water-based alternatives for solvents, we are being asked more and more about wastewater processes, equipment and management advice.

Wastewater is a very difficult waste stream for many companies to manage as the water takes up a lot of space and regulations can make the waste complicated to dispose of in an environmentally responsible manner.One of the new recycling types we've seen growing in recent years is Latex Wastewater, which is produced by paint & coatings industries.

We have been perfecting our wastewater recycling equipment over many years and we're able to provide in-house recovery solutions of all sizes. Our equipment gives the ability to recover the hazardous component in the water (which is then re-usable in most cases) and the water is then able to be discharged in the regular municipal water stream, or it can also be reused.

We offer 2 off-the-shelf lines of products which focus on recycling and treating Wastewater.

Our Aquamizer WWR and Aquamizer WWT.

Our Aquamizer WWR is a membrane based wastewater recycler. It uses varying sizes of membranes to filter out contaminants from the water. The WWR can filter large flow rates and is a completely automated process which only requires regular membrane cleaning and automatic regulation.

Membrane Wastewater Recycling Equipment

The Aquamizer WWT is a flocculation based water recycler.

Flocculation is a process where a chemical agent binds to the contaminant in the water to remove it. The chemical which is bound to the agent then normally sinks to the bottom of the machine with clean water at the top. The contaminant at the bottom of the tank is then easily filtered and disposed as regular solid waste in many cases, or can be further recycled to be re-used. Flocculation is a process which is used in many wastewater applications and is very adaptable, it is often used with water based paints, coatings and rinsing agents.

Wastewater Treatment Flocculation Equipment

Each of our systems are always custom designed and created with your specific waste stream and volumes in mind.

We offer a free lab test of your waste stream, with the lab test, we also consider what your goals you want to achieve so we are able to provide you with your ROI, savings and costs with the complete process.

We also have a rental or rent-to-own program on our equipment, which is guaranteed to start saving you money immediately with no fixed costs or contracts required.


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