Custom Fractional Distillation Equipment for a Pharmaceutical Client

Fractional Distillation Of Solvent WasteMaratek Environmental Inc is a manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom engineered solvent recycling systems, which can include specialized solvent recycling methods such as fractional distillation when required. 

We recently made a custom fractional distillation system for a client in the pharmaceutical industry, in California, USA.  This client had very strict tolerances for their final product, so we worked closely with the team to ensure their needs would be met.  In this case, we were processing ethanol mixed with water and other impurities.  Being in the pharmaceutical industry, because of the strict tolerances of the finished recycled product required, we advised the client to use a fractional distillation system. 

All our equipment is made with the highest quality materials to insure our equipment not only works great, but continues to perform for many years.  Our custom systems come with many features such as a wireless PLC control touchpad with ethernet capability, allowing us to remotely monitor and support clients as needed.  For this recent build, we included scrapers (to add further efficiency to the system), fully automated fill & discharge, as well as an Allen-Bradley PLC control system.  All of our equipment, Off-the-shelf or custom made, includes  MATLAB division 1 class 1 for total operational safety.

Heating of the solvent waste can be done via steam or electric heaters which heat an oil jacket, creating vapours which travel up the distillation column.  Vapour can be cooled by liquid or water, depending on different client requirements.

Fractional distillation allows us to get a higher purity final product, it works by having solvent vapours travel up a column which will contain mixed mediums, filtering the product further.  IT also allows for reclamation of different wastes in one system.  Our team of in-house engineers test, design and manufacture our systems so we are able to create even the most complicated recycling opportunities.  This process also gives our clients an average ROI of under a year.

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