How NMP can be Recovered in the Car Battery Manufacturing Industry

Car batteryNMP, also known as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, is a popular solvent used in many industries worldwide. 

NMP is a particularly popular solvent in the manufacturing industry as its properties include a high solvency, high boiling point, low freezing point, and it is easy to handle. Most commonly, NMP is found in the manufacturing of batteries as its properties allow operation standards and quality expectations to be met.

NMP in battery manufacturing 

NMP is found in a variety of different kinds of batteries produced worldwide as it has multiple purposes within the industry. NMP is used in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries as well as other hybrid batteries involving nickel, magnesium, or cobalt. 

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common batteries in the world with over millions produced each year. In lithium-ion battery manufacturing, NMP is used as a solvent for the binder resins for both carbon anode and lithium cobalt oxide cathode. In addition, NMP is used for coatings as well as gel-polymer for lithium-ion battery separators/electrolytes.

NMP in the manufacture of electrode

Electrodes are the most important aspect in lithium-ion battery manufacturing as they transfer energy to and from the electrode in order to power the polarized device. Thus, meaning that electrodes provide the power a battery uses and its lifespan expectancy which is crucial for car batteries. 

In the process of manufacturing electrodes, NMP is used as a solvent for binder resins between a metal foil and an active material for negative/positive electrode agents. In this process it's effective for a solvent to dissolve in polyvinylidene difluoride as it correlates to the proper performance of the electrode. NMP is found to be one of the most effective solvents to dissolve in polyvinylidene difluoride as its chemical properties allow it to dissolve relatively easy for the operators.

NMP directly correlates to the most important part of batteries which is the power and life expectancy. These two aspects are the main concerns for introducing electric cars as many individuals have expressed concerns with the lifetime span of electric cars, the power provided by electric batteries, and the harmful waste generated with the production of electric cars.

Recovering NMP

Many solutions are being developed in order to combat these challenges within the electric car manufacturing industry. Maratek has provided a solution for the harmful waste generated with the increased production of electric cars. This solution is a NMP recovery system designed by the world class engineers here at Maratek. Not only does our NMP recovery system allow manufactures to get maximization of their resource usage and save on purchasing costs, it allows them to be greener.

By recovering NMP, Maratek is offering a solution to the problem of harmful waste being dumped into the environment. Our recovery system allows manufacturers to have minimal waste disposals which will not only cut down costs but cause less harmful toxins to be released into the earth.

The 3-step process of NMP recovery from lithium-ion batteries

NMP can be recycled using a multi-stage distillation process to separate solvents into its components at lower-than-boiling point temperatures. Waste is removed and clean solvent is left. You can expect to recover up to 95 percent of the used NMP. The distillation process usually involves three main stages.

1 - Absorption

Absorption is where exhaust air from lithium-ion battery electrode manufacturing is absorbed and stored at room temperature.

2 - Desorption

Following this, the desorption stage begins which is where the NMP is heated to a certain temperature and from then is released as a small volume.

3 - Collection

Finally, the collection phase begins which is where the NMP is cooled below boiling point and therefore turning the NMP into a liquid for storing. 

Maratek NMP recovery systems

Maratek offers NMP recovery systems to manufacturers and other individuals who are looking to cut costs, become greener, and become more efficient. 

Not only do our systems recover NMP but they recover other solvents as well. Try Maratek’s solvent recycling & recovery systems in the manufacturing of lithium batteries as it recovers up to 95 percent of solvents. 

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