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How do I Choose a Reputable Silver Recycling or Recovery Company for my Silver Waste?
There are a wide range of companies and industries that are common generators of silver waste, including the graphic arts industry, photo finishers, metal plati...
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Maratek Recycles Industrial X-Ray and NDT Film
Maratek Environmental recycles and processes all types of X-Ray film. But there is one category of x-ray film that we are particulary interested in recycling, a...
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We Buy Silver For Our Silver Refinery - We Also Recycle Silver and Recover Silver
Dealing directly with a silver refinery like Maratek, gets you a better price for your silver - We just pay more for silver and therefore we want to buy more si...
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The Uses Of Silver And Why We Recover Silver in our Silver Refinery
Matatek Environmental is one of Canada's largest refiners of silver, we process many thousands of ounces of silver each year, and we often get asked, by buyers ...
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Tips on Choosing a Silver Recovery and Recycling Service
There are several industries who are the common generators of silver-containing wastes, these include:
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