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Understanding Solvents and Their Uses
Solvent is broadly defined as a liquid capable of dissolving other another substance, and solvents can obviously be found across a range of industries. In our c...
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Will water-based “green” technologies replace traditional solvents?
It’s an interesting and important question. Over the last few decades there has been a shift to use water-based, ‘green’ technology over traditional solvents in...
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Selecting the right solvent recycling equipment
Choosing the right solvent recycling equipment for your specific purposes and requirements is important. There are several factors to consider including the fre...
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Turn-key Solvent Recycling Plants From Maratek
We have many clients who often ask us solvent recycling related questions in their emerging market.  As more and more countries push priorities into 'green' ini...
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Custom Solvent Recycling Equipment At Maratek Environmental
Did you know that Maratek Environmental Inc. does Chemical Simulation, Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, Testing and set-up with our in-house team of engineer...
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How to Choose the Right Solvent Recycling Equipment
Solvent recycling equipment will help you stay competitive by keeping solvent waste costs low while supporting you company’s environmentally friendly initiative...
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What’s In My Industrial Waste Stream?
Solvent recycling and recovery is one of the easiest ways to stay competitive.  It helps you keep solvent waste costs low while improving your organization’s en...
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Top 5 Things To Know About Canadian Hazardous Waste Legislation
The news has been full of hazardous waste disposal settlements and accusations regarding improper handling and disposal of waste and materials. In California al...
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