What is NPB Solvent?

NPS bNPB or also known as N-Propyl bromide or 1-bromopropane, is a solvent that is used in metal cleaning, vapor degreasing, and dry cleaning. 

NPB is an organobromine compound that is colorless in its liquid state. NPB has a characteristic of hydrocarbon odor making it smell like an oil, gas, asphalt, natural, or chemical smell. NPB is relatively inexpensive and is made through the reaction of n-propanol and hydrogen bromide in its gas form.

How does NPB Work?

NPB is widely known for its use as a cleaning solvent in a variety of products including degreasing metal parts, electronics, and precision parts. NPB is an effective cleaning solvent because of its characteristics of being nonflammable, high solvency, non-ozone depleting, as well as its cheap price. 

Unlike other solvents, NPB is not plagued with inadequacies as it is a fast-drying solvent. To use, simply apply NPB on the desired material that is dirty and begin to rub the affected area. After time, the area should appear brand new with no marks or damage from the original product. 

Advantages of NPB 

NPB is an effective method of metal cleaning, vapor degreasing, and dry cleaning. The NPB solvents are priced fairly compared to other alternatives, making it a price-friendly alternative for buyers. NPB solvents also act as an excellent alternative for chlorinated based solvents like trichloroethylene, trichloroethane, perchloroethylene, and methylene chloride. 

NPB also has a non-ozone depletion making it an ecofriendly product to greenhouse gases. NPB solvents also contain a non-flash point making it non-flammable. This is a huge benefit of NPB solvents as many cleaning products are flammable, which causes serious environmental and safety concerns. NPB solvents are also easily recyclable and distillable.

NPB solvent substitutes

NPB solvents are still dangerous chemical mixtures as it raises health and environmental concerns. NPB mixtures are highly concentrated with dangerous chemicals that when inhaled, can lead to serious health issues like cancer aliments. In addition to these concerns, NPB solvents can also affect users when exposed to high levels through increase in confusion, dizziness, slurred speech, parathesis, and unusual fatigue. 

NPB is considered a VOC (meaning volatile organic compound) as it contributes to smog formation. These concerns have led to the increase in substitutes for NPB solvents like tergo metal cleaning fluid, tergo chlorine-free cleaning fluid, tertrel SDG specialty degreaser, and opteon SF80 cleaning fluid.

How can you recycle NPB solvents?

A popular method for recycling NPB solvents is through a typical carbon absorption system. There are three main steps when using this system which are adsorption, desorption, and cooling. 

In the adsorption phase, carbon absorbs the solvent vapor after solvent laden air is directed into the exhaust source. In the desorption phase, the first bed is now injected with steam, which passes through the carbon bed, vaporizing the adsorbed solvent. Additionally, the physical characteristic of the steam condensate passing through the carbon assists in removing solvent residue. 

The mixture of steam condensate and solvent then passes through a water-cooled heat exchanger, which cools the solution. In the cool down phase, the desorbed carbon must be dried and cooled before the next cycle.

What is the current market state of NPB?

NPB solvents are currently in a downward trend as the usage rate has fallen over the past couple of years. This is mainly due to the increased awareness of health risks that have been acknowledged by government officials across the globe. 

These new concerns have led to new regulations and even banishments of NPB solvents being used. The EU, for example, banned all use of NPB solvents in July 2020. These limitations have decreased the demand for NPB solvents, and therefore there has been a decrease in the usage rate of NPB across the world. 

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