5 Factors for Choosing Solvent Recycling Equipment for your Company

The process of selecting solvent recycling equipment for your company’s unique requirements can be an arduous process, with many different factors coming into play, from the volume of recycling to how often you will be operating the system. Here’s a few of the considerations to think about when selecting your Solvent Recycling Equipment:

1. Volume

One of the first things to consider, is the volume of solvent you’re aiming to recycle in a week, as it impacts your your equipment choice. 
A smaller company with recycling needs of around 5 barrels or 275 gallons per week, will tend to lean towards a simpler and compact unit. An example of a compact unit is a Solvent Saver Batch (SSB), which operates one cycle at a time and is conducive to a smaller working environment. 
Larger companies with recycling volume above the aforementioned 5 barrels a week, tend to consider Solvent Saver Continuous (SSC) units, which allow for automation and can recycle up to 95% of your solvents. SSC units can be designed to handle outputs ranging from 5 up to 50 gallons per hour and in certain cases, even larger. 
2. Automation 
If your company wants a more automated and remotely controlled system in your process, you should consider the SSC range. The auto-fill feature lets continuous / automatic recycling occur, a standard feature for the SSC units (this option can be add for the SSB line). The automation allows for automatic pumping where the solvent is pumped, distilled and removed from the unit. 
Switches and timers embedded in the software control the SSC unit, ensuring the continuous feeding of new waste solvent replacing the newly recycled solvent. The SSC units have a wealth of additional automation options to enhance the system further, from auto sludge discharge, to high viscosity scraper shutdown features, and much more. SSB units offer a less automated process, known as batch recycling, the differences are noted below. 
3. Batch Recycling vs Continuous Recycling 
Another consideration should be between continuous recycling and batch recycling, the main difference to note is the level of human input. Batch recycling works on a cycle by cycle basis, requiring human input during loading and unloading. The staff member holds a button or manually fills the distillation vessel, around 8 hours later they can return to collect the drum, now filled with the recovered solvent. When the user returns they tilt the machine, removing the waste bag and can repeat the process if more recycling is needed. 
With regards to continuous recycling, the process operates differently, the staff member taps a button remotely to trigger the autofill pumping process. Due to the system’s automation, the machine will fill itself, stopping when it fills the distillation vessel with the new solvent. Once filled, the recycling process begins, the unit will self-clean, removing waste build up. The system can be run continuously for as long as needed and controlled and monitored remotely. 
4. Boiling Points
A point of difference for certain companies relates to the chemicals used, and in that case the boiling points of these chemicals should be considered in your decision making process. An example would be a solvent with a high boiling point. The addition of a vacuum to your unit would be vital to separate and recover chemicals at lower than boiling point temperatures.
5. Nitrocellulose 
Nitrocellulose is a chemical compound known for its potential for creating an exothermic reaction, which in turn could release both heat, and toxic fumes including; but not limited to, carbon monoxide. If your company uses solvents containing nitrocellulose, you need a safe option for your solvent recycling unit, such as optional features like auto cool, a vacuum, and a steep conical wall.

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