Batch Solvent Recycling in a Department of Transportation Testing Lab

Minnesota asphalt road

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is responsible for asphalt design and testing. They provide the technical expertise behind the pavement-type selection process and help determine the timing of seasonal road restrictions.

One of the primary ways this department is able to do this is by manually testing the asphalt in both laboratory and on-site settings.

The department is able to recycle this asphalt using Maratek’s SSB 6 unit. This unit successfully extracts the pure solvent from the oil and wastes present in the mixture. This saves the department money, as they pay much less for new asphalt and disposal costs because most of it is recycled and reused.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has used Maratek’s equipment since July 2012 and say it works very well. The system has also saved them large amounts of time, as they continue to fill the same drum until it is full. The department recommends this unit to companies looking for a convenient way to recycle asphalt and solvents on-site.

“Our unit is working very well, we only recycle about 6 gallons twice a month; however, Maratek has helped us save money and lessen the time required to separate n-propyl bromide from the oils and waste in our mixture.” - Ray Betts, Minnesota Department of Transportation

  • Company Name: Minnesota Dept. of Transportation
  • Industry Type: Transportation, Asphalt Recovery
  • Location: Minnesota, USA Recycled
  • Chemicals: n-propyl bromide (npb)
  • Volume Recycled: 12 gallons / month 
  • Customer with Maratek since: July, 2012
  • Unit Installed: Solvent Saver Batch (SSB 6), Air Cooled

Our Batch units operate one cycle at a time, so you can control when it is running. If you generate less waste, the Batch models allow waste to be stored inside the unit until it is ready to run.

Our SSB and SSB Premium units are meant for different complexities of waste streams. For simple applications with minimal automation, we usually suggest our Batch units. For more difficult to manage waste recycling or when some level of automation is desired we may suggest our Batch Premium units. All systems are certified Class I Div I Group D explosion proof.

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