What To Know About Recycling Alcohols

Alcohol Recycling EquipmentOne of the most common types of equipment we sell is for customers who need to recycle their alcohol waste. All types of alcohol (and other wastes) are able to be recycled, from pure ethanol, methanol or Isopropyl to any complicated combinations. If you're a producer of alcohol waste or use alcohols in any types of manufacturing then you're a perfect fit for a recycling option.

Alcohol is actually one of the most demanding solvents to recycle and it's where you will see professional, award-winning recovery equipment really shine. An alcohol recycler requires the best materials possible, to avoid any contamination in the final product and to provide a high final concentration so it can be reused as new. We often see that poorly made equipment will guarantee results which are never reproduced and support can be a nightmare.

Recycled alcohol is normally over 99.9% pure making it able to be re-used as a virgin product and we often see recovery rates of over 90%, meaning you only have to use 10% of a new product, which reduces your spending on new alcohol from a supplier by 90%.

For more complicated streams, where alcohols may be mixed with other alcohols or even different solvents, adding fractional distillation to the equipment allows each separate waste to be recycled, giving you each recycled solvent separately for re-use. These are normally built to order specifically for your unique waste stream but can yield the best results and final product possible, they can also handle any size waste streams, from 10 gallons/hour to 1000 gallons/hour.

If you have a solvent waste stream, no matter how simple or complex, Maratek has the expertise to have you recycle your waste for reuse. Saving you and your company money and time by cutting costs and freeing up staff. Maratek Environmental is a world leader in solvent recycling and solvent recovery equipment manufacturing. Our award-winning equipment is used by thousands of companies world-wide due to its unique and customizable features.

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We are able to provide our customers with many options to saving money immediately with no upfront costs. With programs such as rental plans, with no contracts, quarterly billing and guaranteed savings of at least 50% of your waste costs. We also have a rent-to-own program, which offers the same benefits, but 10% of each payment goes towards owning the equipment.

We provide a free analysis of waste streams to give you an idea of recovery rates and equipment available, as well as a no-obligation quote from our team. Contact us today to see how much money you can save.

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You'll be in good hands at Maratek - As market leaders in waste recycling for the last 20 years, we take pride in providing our customers throughout North America with reliable, innovative, and cost saving recycling solutions. Contact us today and we'll help you to establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for solvent or wastewater recovery and recycling.