Steps To Recycle & Recover Solvent Waste & Wastewater Onsite

Solvent Recycling & Recovery OnsiteOnsite recycling/recovery equipment is often the most cost-efficient option to re-use your wastes as a like-new product. It interferes the least with operation cycles and employees can be easily trained on how to use the equipment. There are a few steps needed to see what recycling & recovery options you have for your waste stream, which has factors such as waste complexities, mixtures, solutions and safety requirements.

Step 1 - Which waste is recyclable and what quantities are produced?

Figuring out what your companies waste stream is and what contaminants it's mixed with is an important first step. Gathering WHMIS sheets of all chemicals/solvents used in your process helps Maratek's engineers figure out the exact requirements in the equipment, to guarantee you the best results. In many cases, separate solvents can be recovered from a single waste stream, leading to very high savings.

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Step 2 - Which recycling process works best with your current operations?

There are many processes of waste recycling which can be used depending on the quantity of waste, and availability of staff. The 2 main types are Batch and Continuous. A Batch recycler works in batches (Run as required), where waste will be put in until it is full, then it is turned on. Batch machines are ideal for smaller quantities and simplifies staff processes. A Continuous machine is constantly able to run, making it ideal for larger waste streams where the recycled product is required quickly to be put back in as a new solvent. Continuous equipment can be hooked up directly to your other systems for a fully automated process. Maratek's engineers work with you every step of the way to get you the most efficient and cost-effective recycler for your waste, and can work with our off-the-shelf or fully customized systems.

Step 3 - What equipment features are required for your waste stream?

Maratek's engineers are able to create a customized recycling system to your exact recycling requirements, but often times, we deal with companies who know exactly what features are required in their solvent recovery equipment. Features can be added such as:

  • Oil Cooling - Reducing time required to cool
  • Allen Bradley PLC - To integrate into current network
  • Internal Scraper - Maximizing heat transfer
  • Fractionation - For ultra-high purity of multiple solvents
  • Automated Filling - For less labor requirements
  • Safety - Ensures all equipment is compatible in workplaces
  • Separation - To separate water from solvents

All Maratek equipment is Class 1 Div 1 Group D explosion proof and able to work in all workplace areas.

The best way to start the process of your company getting onsite recovery equipment is to contact our engineers for a free test of your waste stream and a free quote. Getting a free no obligation quote is a great way to see what the cost and ROI on equipment will be. For example, most Maratek equipment will pay for itself in as little as 16 months, but we also provide equipment rental and leasing programs, which provide you with the full benefit of recycling immediately (we guarantee you will save money) without having to sign any contracts or pay any initial fees.

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You'll be in good hands at Maratek - As market leaders in waste recycling for the last 20 years, we take pride in providing our customers throughout North America with reliable, innovative, and cost saving recycling solutions. Contact us today and we'll help you to establish a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for solvent or wastewater recovery and recycling.