How to Determine Your Solvent Recycling ROI

Solvent ROI bAs a business owner, ensuring maximum return on your investments is critical for avoiding losses and driving the growth of your company. At Maratek, we provide tools to help calculate your return on investment (ROI) if you decide to implement our solvent recycling systems

One such tool is our ROI calculator, which provides an estimate of the annual savings you could achieve by recycling your solvent waste. 

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By following this guide and filling in the necessary details, you can discover the potential savings for your business each year.

4-Step Guide to Utilize Maratek’s ROI Calculator 

1 - Identify the Volume of Waste: Determine the total volume of waste generated by your operation and record how many drums of waste you collect monthly.

2 - Enter Disposal Costs: Input the cost of disposing of a single drum of waste. This cost would be based on the rate charged by your current disposal service provider.

3 - Enter the Solvent Purchase Cost: Input the cost of purchasing a new drum of solvent, as per the rate set by your solvent provider. Keep in mind, the cost can vary greatly depending on the type of solvent your business requires.

4 - Calculate the Percentage of Contaminants: Determine the percentage of contaminants in each drum. This can be established through a lab analysis of your waste stream, which will identify the impurities within your waste.

Upon submitting this information, the calculator will provide an ROI breakdown. You will gain insights into your annual solvent purchasing savings, the amount you could save by using recycled solvents instead of buying new stock. 

The calculator also estimates your annual disposal savings, the cost you would no longer need to pay for external waste disposal if you chose a Maratek unit. The total annual savings and the overall reduction in the number of waste drums produced annually are also calculated.

Maratek’s Solvent Recycling Solutions

By using this calculator, you can see the potential savings achievable by working with Maratek. We offer a wide variety of units and sizes to cater to all your solvent recycling and recovery needs. 

Our Solvent Saver product line offers dependable performance, is easy to operate, and requires minimal maintenance. Each unit comes with a host of standard and optional features tailored to your needs, such as electrical heating with thermal oil, class 1 div 1 group D explosion-proof certification, and a range of sensors and automation capabilities. Whether you use mineral spirits, acetone, IPA, MEK, or gun wash, our Solvent Saver equipment can recycle up to 95% of your waste into a pure, reusable form.

Here are some examples of the units we offer:

Solvent Saver Batch: This simple batch solvent recycling unit comes with several additional features. It can recycle 8 – 64 gallons per shift.

Solvent Saver Batch Premium: This semi-automatic solvent recycling unit is equipped with more features, capable of handling heavier waste. It can recycle up to 750 gallons per day.

Solvent Saver Continuous: This fully automatic solvent recycling unit offers a wide range of features. It can recycle up to 7,000 or more gallons per day.

Solvent Saver Engineered: This custom-designed unit is perfectly suited to your needs. Our team of engineers uses a variety of tools to thoroughly test, assess, design, and implement this on-site recycling unit.

If you're interested in exploring these options further, our sales team is ready to assist in determining the ideal solution for your waste stream. Contact us today

Try the Return on Investment Calculator!

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