4 Ways Solvent Recycling Will Improve Your Lab’s Processes

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Whether you are the owner of a business in the printing and ink industry, an automotive body shop, a company in the aerospace or marine sector or any other organization that deals with large quantities of solvents, you’ll know just how much inefficient lab processes can hold your business back.

This is particularly true when it comes to the lab’s process of purchasing solvents and disposing of waste. In fact, a large number of companies are simply trying to stay afloat when it comes to solvent purchase and waste disposal - rather than creating a proactive strategy that helps their company grow.

The way your lab deals with solvents can impact the entire way that your technicians operate. In turn, that brings improved processes, reduced costs and a whole range of benefits that drive your business forward.

By recycling your solvents you can become your own solvent supplier, save money, and improve your lab’s overall processes. Maratek Environmental has created a list of four key benefits that solvent recycling will help your lab achieve:

1 - Lab technicians will be freed up to work on more important tasks

Whether you choose to use batch or continuous solvent recycling equipment, solvent recycling units are designed with automation in mind. This means that all your staff need to do is simply press a couple of buttons and let the unit do the work.

Maratek’s recycling units, for example, are fully automated and operated by a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a colour LCD touchscreen interface.

Using these tools, your technicians can start the auto-fill process - meaning the machine fills itself with your solvent and completes the recycling process. Units even finish with a self-cleaning mechanism to save your technicians more time.

What does this mean for your technicians? It means they spend less time doing boring, manual tasks to recycle your solvent waste, and focus more on tasks that offer real value to your business.

2 - Fewer staff required for solvent management

Solvent management involves everything from the purchase to the disposal of solvent waste. With in-house recycling, you’ll cut out a large number of these tasks from your lab’s processes - that means your employees will spend less time going back and forth to purchase solvents and dispose of waste.

3 - Spend on solvents will be reduced

On-site recycling will allow your company to reuse your solvent waste, meaning that you’ll be able to avoid buying new virgin solvent every time you need it and avoid the costly fees that are associated with disposing of hazardous waste.

In fact, through in-house recycling your company will be able to reuse up to 95 percent of your solvent waste and turn it into solvent with purity levels of over 99 percent. In total, your business will be able to lower its solvent costs by up to 95 percent.

4 - You’ll ensure you are compliant with waste regulations

There are strict regulations around the handling and disposal of hazardous waste, and Canada has three levels of government that are involved in this legislation to ensure the environment and the public is protected.

Your solvent waste is hazardous, and that means your organization is subject to these strict regulations. Breaking them can result in hefty fines and damage to the environment - nobody wants that to happen!

By implementing a solvent recycling and recovery program, you will significantly reduce the amount of hazardous waste that your company produces. This means it will be easier to handle and dispose of your hazardous waste, you’ll be meeting industry regulations and you’ll be able to market your brand as a ‘green’ organization.

Want to learn more benefits of recycling your solvents in-house, or simply want more information about the recycling products that we expertly engineer here at Maratek Environmental? Contact us today to find out.

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