Solvent Recycling: Do You Need a Custom Engineering Solution?

Custom engineering solutions

Recycling your solvents in-house will help your business realize a wide range of benefits, such as helping you save money on buying new virgin solvents, significantly lowering your waste costs, improved process efficiency and enabling you to market your organization as environmentally friendly.

There’s a wide range of specialty equipment that can help you access these benefits, such as Maratek Environmental’s Automated and Continuous Recycling units, but what if these pre-made solutions simply don’t work for your company’s unique needs?

Many waste streams require tailor-made solutions. That’s where built-to-order and custom engineering solutions can address your company’s specific recycling requirements.

How can Maratek Environmental help?

Maratek Environmental has engineered its very own set of unique solvent recovery recycling units for a variety of waste-heavy industries, as well as Oil & Ethanol Recovery Systems specifically for the cannabis sector.

Our high-quality and expertly-engineered equipment enables companies to refine and process their waste streams and lower their solvent costs by up to 95 per cent by recycling their used solvent. This helps them increase their margins - but what if our existing equipment doesn’t match your specifications?

If this is the case, do not hesitate to ask about your specific requirements!

We are able to create tailor-made engineering solutions that meet your unique production needs. Simply let us know the demand of your production processes and we can create a solution that’s perfectly designed for you.

Here at Maratek Environmental we have more than 40 years of experience in solving industrial engineering problems through design changes and automation. Not only that but 20 per cent of our staff is made up of highly-skilled engineers.

How do we design your custom engineering solution?

By using ASPEN HYSYS and other high-end software for chemical and mechanical modelling, we can design your facility or integrate our custom engineering solutions alongside other pre-existing systems - helping to reduce energy costs and increase automation across your business.

The key to a successful recycling system is understanding your company’s unique needs and adapting our solutions to them. That’s why our custom engineering solutions start with our chemical simulation team - who use information such as type of solvent, desired yields and much more to determine the best possible recycling unit for your company’s needs.

We look at the various different concentrations, equipment sizes and processes that will give your company the final product that you’re looking for.

Our design engineers then take this information and conceptualize working equipment models with high-end design software. This step ensures the custom-made equipment design will function as required.

Once assembled by the manufacturing team, the equipment will then go through a rigorous final testing and quality control stage in which we ensure the equipment will meet your company’s expectations.

After we ship the equipment to your business and help you integrate it into your processes, we can then provide training and support. This will make sure the equipment is effectively used in your company's day-to-day operations and that you access all the benefits that come with your new solvent recycling system - from significant cost savings, more efficient processes and much more.

Are you looking for more information in regards to how Maratek Environmental can design the perfect custom-engineered solvent recycling solution for your organization? Contact our team of experts today for more information.


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