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What is THC and CBD Isolate, and What Equipment is Needed to Produce it?
An isolate in the cannabis industry is the purest product you can achieve. After extracting crude oil from the initial biomass, then winterizing, decarboxylatin...
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Cannabis and Hemp Extraction Methods: What is Ethanol Extraction?
Advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce higher-quality cannabis products, while at the same time significantly improving their profit m...
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An Overview of the Cannabis and Hemp Oil Distillation Process
Are you looking to improve your cannabis and hemp oil extraction methods? In this blog, Maratek is going to give an overview of the cannabis and hemp oil distil...
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An Overview of the Leading Cannabis and Hemp Oil Extraction Methods
In the hemp and cannabis oil industry, there are three main ways to extract oil: ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon (butane) extraction, and CO2 extraction.
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What are the Benefits of Turnkey Engineering Solutions in Cannabis Extraction?
Using new engineering solutions is a crucial component of improving your organization’s cannabis oil extraction processes, particularly if you are in the proces...
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Why You Need to Add Winterization to the Cannabis Oil Extraction Process
Cannabis is a complex plant containing more than 500 distinct chemicals identified to date, including cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols, flavonoids, fatty acids, ...
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Maratek Installs First-Ever 200 Gallon Winterization System
  Maratek is pleased to announce that it has successfully installed and started its first Turnkey Automatic Winterizations System-200 (TAWS-200) over the past f...
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Why is the Winterization Process Important in Cannabis Oil Extraction?
The winterization process, in simple terms, is the removal of fats, lipids and other unwanted materials from crude oil extract. Winterization is necessary to cr...
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