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Turnkey Automatic Winterization Systems for Cannabis & Hemp Oil

Maratek’s Turnkey Automatic Winterization System (TAWS), is a six-in-one solution designed for fast, automatic closed loop operation. Capable of processing 60 to 500 kg of CO2 extract per day, and rapid winterization in 4-10 hours, TAWS features multi-stage filtration for shelf stable production. Download a TAWS brochure or contact us for more information.

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TAWS Product Features

✅ Turnkey solutions from 60 - 500 kg of CO2 extract per day

✅ Automatic homogenization, winterization, filtration, ethanol recovery, decarboxylation, and heated oil storage in one process

✅ Fast automatic closed loop operation

✅ Single and multi-stream configurations 

✅ Rapid winterization in -20C and -40C configurations in 4-10 hrs

✅ Multi-stage filtration to below 1 micron for shelf stable product production

✅ Class I Division I Group D explosion proof & safety certified (Metlab)

✅ Carbon filtration available

✅ Fully stainless construction

✅ High pressure Clean in Place (CIP)

✅ Allen Bradley PLC with data logging and programmable recipes

✅ Secure remote access and control

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Redecan's Director of Science Customer Testimonial

A thorough look at our Turnkey Automatic Winterization System

An introduction to our Turnkey Winterization System

A simple walkthrough on how the TWS works

World Class Technology, Automation and Service

We can seamlessly resolve problems you may encounter right from our office with our remote access PLC. With your permission, we will be able to access your system controls to assist with diagnostics and troubleshooting to minimize downtime. Your organization will also have the same secure remote operational capabilities. Maratek’s Uptime Guarantee utilizes our secure remote troubleshooting technology and the ability to dispatch a technician within 24 hours if your equipment needs on-site service. A variety of service and spare parts packages are available to suit your specific needs. We also offer production throughput guarantees based on your stream parameters and stand behind these values with a money back guarantee. 

Turnkey Automatic Winterization Systems 
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Download a copy of the Maratek Turnkey Automatic Winterization Systems brochure to learn more about winterization equipment on a large scale.

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Automated Cannabis & Hemp Brochure 
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Download a copy of the Maratek Turnkey Automated Cannabis & Hemp Extraction brochure to learn more about extraction equipment.

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Building Equipment of the Future


 For a more technical and intricate look at how our equipment tops the competitors, listen to what our engineers have to say about the equipment of the future!

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The Realities Behind the Flow Rate Guarantee


Want to know just how good our equipment is?  Take a look at how efficient our equipment is and why we can guarantee satisfaction, or your money back.

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Integrated Product Design for Improved Efficency


Interested in how we achieve such efficiency?  Read about how our engineers have managed to improve efficiency with their integrated product designs.

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Design of Equipment for Operation in Hazardous Locations

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Your operation means a great deal to us, and so does your safety.  Read about how we have designed equipment to operate in hazardous locations.

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