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Oil Post Processing

Get the most out of your oil with a post-processing system to produce a pure, consistent, and multi-use final project. Maratek offers a variety of post-processing equipment including isolate equipment, distillate equipment, Mipillate Technology, and THC remediation systems.

Why invest in oil post-processing? Investing in a post-processing system opens many new opportunities and allows for a more consistent final product every time. Even after the ethanol or CO2 extraction process is complete, there are still many compounds and even small quantities of solvent remaining in the produced oil which can impact the oil’s quality and scalability. Post-process systems focus mainly on further isolating the THC or CBD compounds within the extracted oil.

Creating distillate involves removing any remaining solvents, fats, waxes, and lipids and often also removes flavonoids and terpenes. Distillate is the first level of post-processing which eliminates more of the unwanted cannabinoid compounds and provides the same smell, taste, and feeling from batch to batch. Distillate product is most commonly used for vape oils or further refinement in the isolation process.

From creating distillate, creating isolate is next. The process of making isolate refers to further refining the oil down to a singular compound, be it THC, THC-A, CBD, or CBD-A. The isolate form of these compounds is very consistent and has a wide range of uses. Pure and replicable, isolate equipment can be an important step in quality control in your facility.

Our THC Remediation equipment is unique in its ability to improve the quality and salability of CBD products by removing any THC compounds remaining to produce a final product with very low levels, less than 0.3%, of THC. THC remediation equipment can process both crude oil and distillate.

Finally, Maratek is proud to announce its partnership with Ligar on the manufacturing of its Mipillate technology! This cannabis purification system uses MIPs to capture the full spectrum of cannabinoids from crude extracts, including acid forms.  

With over 50 years of engineering experience, Maratek has brought its expertise to the cannabis industry to complete the full production process and help our customers automate, optimize and scale! Request a quote today!

Oil Post Processing



Thin film distillation

Distillate Equipment

2-50L Per Hour (Single Pass)
Thin Film and Short Path Distillation
Automated Options
CPS 150 Isolate Equipment (350)

Isolate Equipment

5-150L Jacketed Reactor
Operating Temperatures from -90°C to 200°C
Designed for safety

THC Remediation

Processes 20-70L/Load
Average Batch Time 12-24 hrs
Less than 0.3% THC

What Our Clients Say

We chose Maratek for their long-standing reputation in the industrial plant fabrication industry. Their willingness to work with our redesign parameters and special needs made it so we are able to produce more high-grade cannabis oil per sq ft than almost any other lab in the world. Their techs answer when I call and have walked me through several complex troubleshooting exercises and have gotten me replacement parts quickly. This unit is beyond reliable. We have ran our evaporator almost 24-7 for the last year and have very few problems beyond simple wear parts. I highly recommend Maratek.

Gary Vandenberghe

Leef Labs

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Maratek has been a pleasure to work with since the day we first connected. I was already producing cannabis oil out of my facility in Oregon, when I saw some Maratek equipment at an MJBizCon show. I had been having a huge bottleneck in the recovery section of my processing line from using a falling film system, and a rotary evaporator. There were also issues of getting oil recovered with my ethanol, making it have a yellowish-orange tinge. After purchasing the Maratek C500 system, which was properly sized for my operation, the bottleneck disappeared and the system automatically combined the falling film, rotary evaporator, AND decarboxylation steps in one unit. My operators literally just ensure there is an infeed, a place for the outfeed, and set it and forget it. The Maratek system had built in a "mist eliminator" to ensure that there was no worry of oil entrainment within my recovered ethanol. Their quality of equipment, along with confidence to give throughput guarantees made it easy for me to decide.

Hemp Scent LLC

Maratek is a great Canadian company that has taken decades of solvent recovery equipment manufacturing experience and brought it to the cannabis industry. They've been great to work with on client projects which their equipment seamlessly integrating with our EV-MASS ethanol extraction solution. Both Maratek's and Evolved Sales and Engineering teams have developed and provided turn-key ethanol extraction solutions that are proudly manufactured in Canada.

Evolved Extractions

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Talk to a Maratek sales engineer to find out more and learn about financing options.