Trident Water Extraction System

The Trident

Water extraction is one of the oldest forms of extraction, but Maratek's Trident water extraction system gives it a whole new spin. Trident works to gently separate the trichome from the biomass and provide quality water hash or bubble hash.
The Trident system itself is constructed from 316 Stainless Steel with an 80-gallon working volume.
The Trident system is designed for automation and ease of use in your facility when utilized with the Maratek 3C system.  
This includes the control of rotation speed, rotation duration, torque settings, agitation speed, and agitation time.
These settings can be saved under different recipes, each customizable for unique applications.
There are many other points of customization as well such as paddle size. Costs can be reduced through the
closed-loop chiller which maintains a temperature of 0.5°C to 1.5°C.
As an optional feature, we can include a reactor that can infuse/emulsify your high-quality water hash product into the carrier oil of your choice.
This produces a food-grade, solvent-free, ready-to-sell product which has not lost any terpenes from drying or exposure to solvents.
The reactor is also able to decarboxylate the product if you wish.
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Skip the Solvents with Trident!

Solvent-based extraction uses high pressure and heat to extract crude oil, a process that involves managing the storage of solvent and high energy costs associated with heating solvent. Trident uses gentle, external agitation and cold water to separate the trichome without damage to the biomass itself. The water extraction process leaves behind more terpenes which enhance and distinguish the end product to the customer.

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Trident Water Extraction System

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YouTube - Maratek's New Cold Water Extraction Unit Overview

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