Vapor-Static Extraction

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Vapor-Static Extraction

Solventless Extraction

Sustainable, scalable, and efficient cannabis processing!

Maratek is excited to have partnered with Boulder Creek Technologies who launched the Vapor-Static Extraction System in 2021. Vapor-Static Extraction is a new sustainable, scalable, and efficient oil extraction technology.

The Vapor-Static™ Extraction System is a solvent-free extraction unit compromised of individual modules. Each module contains its own skid to allow for ease of installation and maintenance. 

With 90% extraction efficiency, this solventless extraction unit produces high-quality concentrate with no sugars and low waxes. It eliminates the need for C1D1 or C1D2 facility design and expense. This continuous operating turnkey system requires limited ancillary equipment. The single operator allows ease of use for a fully automated control system. 


Vapor-Static Module System

This system is composed of multiple system modules with installation and maintenance made easy by being on its own skid.

Heater / Contactor Module
Biomass is continuously introduced into a heated stream where the cannabinoids and terpenes are vaporized. The biomass is in contact with heat for only a few seconds. The biomass material is then separated from the vapor stream. 
Water System Module
The vapor stream is shock-cooled and becomes a non-coalescing fog.
Collection Module
This module is the revolutionary aspect of the entire system. The cannabinoid/terpene fog is carried into a wet electrostatic precipitator, where an electromagnetic field pulls the cannabinoids/terpenes out of the fog for collection. The result is a high-quality concentrate that is then pumped from the system into a collection vessel. 

Controls Module
This module consists of temperature, pressure, level, and many other sensors that are integrated using our proprietary software to allow automated processing and control of the other modules. Control information is presented to the operator in an intuitive screen for ease of operation. A single operator can operate even our largest system using this module. 

Clean-in-Place Module
The CIP module allows easy cleaning and sanitization of the majority of the system infrastructure without having to disassemble major components.

World Class Technology, Automation and Service

We can seamlessly resolve problems you may encounter right from our office with our remote access PLC. With your permission, we will be able to access your system controls to assist with diagnostics and troubleshooting to minimize downtime. Your organization will also have the same secure remote operational capabilities. Maratek’s Uptime Guarantee utilizes our secure remote troubleshooting technology and the ability to dispatch a technician within 24 hours if your equipment needs on-site service. A variety of service and spare parts packages are available to suit your specific needs. We also offer production throughput guarantees based on your stream parameters and stand behind these values with a money back guarantee. 


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