THC Remediation Equipment

D970L and D915L for THC Remediation

Become a part of the growing THC remediation movement with the D970L and D915L with Maratek!
THC remediation is the process of separating and removing THC molecules in hemp oil production and is an important step for CBD oil and product sales and compliance. Consistently producing oil with less than 0.3% THC opens many doors in the hemp market to take advantage of growing demand. 
The D970L and D915L models move the market of THC remediation away from expensive chromatography methods that include the use of costly solvents and simplifies the equipment necessary for production. These machines are 120” in length and 42” wide reducing housing costs and require only a single phase, 240V or 30AMP connection. The average running batch time is 12-24 hours and has capacity for 40 to 70 litres per batch.
Why choose Maratek for the purchase of a THC remediation machine? We make it easy from start to finish! Quick 1 day installation and full customer support ensures you understand the technology you are adding to your operation and gives you confidence to train successful employees. We help with both the install and training right through your first completed run.
Do not lose out on the opportunities presented by the CBD market and its popularity in society. The D970L and D915L allow for peace of mind as well as efficient, consistent and forward thinking production methods. Choose a system with large throughput, minimal operation and consumable costs. Maratek wants to help you automate, optimize and scale to allow for continued growth and success.


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D970L and D915L

  • High throughput and scalable
  • Crude or distillate input material
  • Average batch run time 12-24hrs
  • D970L processes up to 70L/load
  • D915L processes up to 20L/load
  • Low power requirements (Single phase, 240V, 30AMP, NEMA L14-30R)
  • Compact footprint (120”L x 42”W x 92”H)
  • Replaces expensive chromatography equipment
  • No solvents used
  • Install + training included through first completed run

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