Cannabis and Hemp Distillate Equipment

Distillate Production Equipment line

Maratek’s cannabis and hemp distillation product line offers various process options and sizes to suit the need of any producer. With equipment like the G3X that provides a high purity option for smaller scaled processes and the IPS systems that provide efficiency for larger scaled processes, there is no shortage of options when it comes to Maratek distillation.
The following distillation systems utilize the thin film and short path approach to distilling THC and CBD oil. Thin Film Distillation is the best method for distilling and purifying thermally sensitive compounds, due to the short residence time of the product exposed to heat. This, coupled with an internal condenser, provides exceptional efficiency and speed.
Short Path Distillation was specifically designed to minimize the length that vapor needs to travel from where it is generated to where it is condensed. The distillation system achieves this by utilizing a high-efficiency evaporator at the center of the wiper basket, providing the shortest distance for the molecules to travel. The increase in throughput and efficiencies allow users to expect higher potencies, due to their product having less time within the system. 
A distillation system that is easy to use, provides a high-quality end product and can handle high quantities will give any cannabis or hemp producer an advantage over the competitors. These systems allow you to get the job done with ease and effectiveness, making Maratek’s product line your best option for cannabis and hemp distillation.

G3X-20L short path distillation (350)
KDT-6_600x (350)

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