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Isolate Production - Reactor Packages

Filter Reactors:
Filter Reactors have more control over the process of isolate production, crystallization, and reactions than the standard crystallization reactor.  With pharma-grade components from world-class manufacturers, the 5L, 20L, and 50L filter reactors achieve this by using the crystal crash method of isolation as opposed to crystal growth.  These systems are compact and perform subsequent filtration and washing cycles. The full jacketed design of the filter reactors allows reactions to occur efficiently due to the excellent thermal transfer.  The filter reactor package includes a vacuum pump, glass carboy, temperature control unit, and a glass condenser.

Since cannabinoids are completely soluble at high temperatures, when the filter reactor cools the solvent, it creates a crystal crashing isolate.  Crystal crashing is both less time-consuming and requires less manual labour than the crystal growth method.  With crystal crashing you can achieve a fine powder within 4-6 hours as opposed to 12 hours for crystal growth.  With crashing there is no need for manual agitation or pulverizing crystal chunks post process.  With the filter reactor, the final product is a fine pharmaceutical-grade powder. 

Large Scale Reactors:
The CPS-150 is a 150L isolate reactor made of 304 stainless steel, that doesn’t integrate a filtration method in its processes. Instead, it focuses on crystal growth in order to triple the amount of isolate in only double the time with the ability to achieve 50kg of isolate in 12 hours. This equipment piece is the most efficient choice for large-scale production.

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5L glass benchtop filter reactor (350)
20L glass filter reactor (350)
50L glass filter reactor-1
Isolate Equipment Mobile Cart(350)
CPS 150 Isolate Equipment (350)

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