Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction - Batch

Commercial Level Cannabis Extractor

The EVM is a batch centrifugal separator that targets botanical cannabis oils utilizing cryogenic ethanol extraction at -40C. With programable PLC controls, ease of use, automation controls and limited operator intervention, the EVM is perfect for any small to middle scale extraction operation. The EVM is designed, engineered and manufactured right here in Canada with all North American Parts.

The EVM extractor is a closed-loop system capable of up to three runs per solvent batch hour when utilizing ethanol as the primary extraction solvent. It comes pre-plumbed for chillers and heaters, and also includes nylon mesh filter bags to make loading and unloading labour efficient. From a single centrifugal unit processing up to 60-90 lbs/hour, these units are perfect for starting out your dream Cannabis Extracting Facility. A single operator can easily program custom cycle parameters to process up to 600-lbs of organic material in a 10 hour shift, or run multiple units in parallel to scale up throughput.


EVM Additional Features:

✅ Capacity: Up to 30 lbs/batch

✅ Batch cycle time: 20-30 min*(dependent on customer SOP, mill size, THC/CBD content, and desired temperature)

✅ Designed, engineered & manufactured in Canada

✅ Power requirements: 240VAC 15A circuit (Haz-Loc requirements considered)

✅Centrifuge rated for C1D2 Hazardous locations

✅ Third party engineered peer-reviewed by PSI

✅ 7″ high resolution touch screen HMI (human machine interface). Designed for ease of use and optimization in process control

✅ Full statistical analysis allowing the user to view and log: batch time, average batch time, and display live outputs (RPM, G-force, inside temps, shift cycles, lifetime cycles, etc.)

Automation & Integration

Maratek’s EV-M Ethanol Extraction equipment can also be easily integrated with Maratek’s other technologies, such as Maratek's solvent recovery options (OERS) for 99%+ ethanol recovery, decarboxylation, and ethanol reproofing. Maratek can also work with any other equipment in your facility, allowing you to streamline and automate your entire production process. Together, these technologies can create a completely automated, GMP turnkey solution for your cryogenic ethanol extracting needs.


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