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Wiped Film, Short Path Distillation Systems for the Solvent Extraction of Cannabis & Hemp

Distillation is a post-processing method performed after the main solvent extraction of cannabis or hemp. Several distillation methods are used in the industry but they all aim to achieve the same goal of consistent pure product. One pass typically distills off any remaining volatile solvents, water and gases, and another pass distills off and collects the main product - normally THC distillate or CBD distillate. Additional passes can be performed for terpene removal or other specifics.

Wiped-Film Still technology takes advantage of the scientific fact that each chemical substance has a characteristic vapor pressure. It is this relative difference in vapor pressures which dictates how compounds can be separated into their constituent components. Short Path Distillation utilizes fine temperature and pressure controls to volatilize and re-condense cannabinoid constituents based on their boiling points and molecular weightsThis allows you to purify and concentrate desired cannabinoid fractions from raw cannabis or hemp extract.

Maratek's Wiped Film Distillation Systems: Thin Film Distillation System Single StageThin Film Distillation System 2 Stage, run on a continuous operation basis with extremely short residence times and little exposure to heat, providing the highest quality of THC & CBD oils. Our units are all stainless steel fully-automated solutions with UL/CSA electrical components. With units scattered throughout North America, these are one of the most popular cannabis distillation units in the industry. 


1 - 50+ Litres/hr of Distillation


Continous Operation


Automated PLC for Full Control


Designed for Cannabis & Hemp Oils


50+ Years of Engineering


Thin Film Distillation System - Single Stage 0.2m

  • 0.2m Evaporator
  • Flow Rates of up to 20 litres per hour
  • Continuous Distillation
  • Jacketed Feed Tank, 8-Gallon
  • Mounted VFD's

Thin Film Distillation System - 2 Stage 0.4m

  • Total of 0.4 m² Short Path Evaporator
  • (2) 0.2 m² Evaporators Inline
  • Flow Rates of up to 20 liters per hour
  • 5-20 kg/hour Input Feed Capability
  • Continous 2-stage distillation
  • Jacketed Feed Tank, 8-Gallon
  • Mounted VFD's

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