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The Rescheduling of Cannabis in the United States
The rescheduling of cannabis in the United States marks a significant shift in the landscape of drug policy, reflecting evolving societal attitudes, medical res...
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Latest Updates in Cannabis Legalization Across the United States
Cannabis legalization in the United States has been a topic of debate for many years. However, over the recent years we have witnessed a significant shift in pu...
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Cannabis Extraction for Edible Production
The cannabis industry has seen an increase in the variety of products now available to the public. Cannabis can now be purchased in the form of oils, tinctures,...
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A 5-year Retrospective of Cannabis in Canada
Five years have passed since Canada's landmark decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use through implementing the Cannabis Act in October 2018. This pi...
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Elevating Your Cannabis Oil Extraction with Turnkey Engineering Solutions
The cannabis and hemp extraction industry has experienced a boom over the last few years. Many people like yourself may be looking to start out in the industry,...
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How to Improve Your Cannabis Extraction: Equipment & Extraction Method
Cannabis extraction plays a pivotal role in manufacturing many products throughout the industry. As the cannabis market continues to grow and develop, extractio...
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Pharmaceutical Cannabis & Hemp Extraction for European Union Export
A pharmaceutical company at the forefront of medical advancements approached Maratek with an exciting project based in South America. The company wanted to prod...
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Hop Extraction: Enhancing Brewing with Vapor-Static Technology
When it comes to the world of brewing, hops are a fundamental ingredient - bestowing unique flavors and aromas to beer. Yet when it comes to traditional extract...
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