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A 5-year Retrospective of Cannabis in Canada
Five years have passed since Canada's landmark decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use through implementing the Cannabis Act in October 2018. This pi...
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Elevating Your Cannabis Oil Extraction with Turnkey Engineering Solutions
The cannabis and hemp extraction industry has experienced a boom over the last few years. Many people like yourself may be looking to start out in the industry,...
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How to Improve Your Cannabis Extraction: Equipment & Extraction Method
Cannabis extraction plays a pivotal role in manufacturing many products throughout the industry. As the cannabis market continues to grow and develop, extractio...
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Pharmaceutical Cannabis & Hemp Extraction for European Union Export
A pharmaceutical company at the forefront of medical advancements approached Maratek with an exciting project based in South America. The company wanted to prod...
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Hop Extraction: Enhancing Brewing with Vapor-Static Technology
When it comes to the world of brewing, hops are a fundamental ingredient - bestowing unique flavors and aromas to beer. Yet when it comes to traditional extract...
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Winterization: Enhancing the Purity of Cannabis and Hemp Extract
The cannabis and hemp industries have seen significant advancements in extraction methods in recent years, leading to higher quality products. A key process in ...
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The SAFER Banking Act: A New Era in Cannabis Banking
For the cannabis industry in the United States, one of the most significant hurdles has been the complex interplay between federal regulations and the burgeonin...
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Exploring the Benefits of Vapor-Static Extraction for Cannabis
In the year 2020, Boulder Creek Technologies (BCT) unveiled their groundbreaking Vapor-Static extraction technology. Vapor-Static emerged as an innovative alter...
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