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A 5-year Retrospective of Cannabis in Canada
Five years have passed since Canada's landmark decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use through implementing the Cannabis Act in October 2018. This pi...
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The SAFER Banking Act: A New Era in Cannabis Banking
For the cannabis industry in the United States, one of the most significant hurdles has been the complex interplay between federal regulations and the burgeonin...
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Exploring the Benefits of Vapor-Static Extraction for Cannabis
In the year 2020, Boulder Creek Technologies (BCT) unveiled their groundbreaking Vapor-Static extraction technology. Vapor-Static emerged as an innovative alter...
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Exploring the Landscape of Cannabis Legalization in the European Union
The global momentum towards the legalization of cannabis is palpable, with countries like Canada pioneering the federal legalization of cannabis use and possess...
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Cannabis Market Valuation in North America: Current Trends and Growth
Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the last decade, with the normalization of marijuana usage contributing to its significant growth. Manufact...
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Talking Trichomes: The art, science and business of Hashmaking
When planning to produce hash there are many considerations, from cultivation of input material - to the timing and processes that get the job done. There’s no ...
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What is Involved in New York State’s Cannabis Legalization?
New York state residents got to celebrate 4/20 legally this year with the state passing a bill for recreational cannabis use last month. After Mexico had passed...
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Mexico Set to Legalize Recreational Use of Cannabis and Hemp Products
Although cannabis and hemp have been used for medicinal purposes in several parts of the world, the legalization of the plant for recreational use is a relative...
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