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Exploring the Benefits of Vapor-Static Extraction for Cannabis
In the year 2020, Boulder Creek Technologies (BCT) unveiled their groundbreaking Vapor-Static extraction technology. Vapor-Static emerged as an innovative alter...
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Assessing the Performance of Vapor-Static Extraction Systems
When considering a new extraction system for your cannabis or hemp business, understanding its overall performance is paramount.
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How to Determine Your Vapor-Static System Return on Investment
Investing in a new system for your cannabis or hemp operation can represent a substantial outlay. To assist in making this decision smoother, Maratek offers a h...
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Overview of Cannabinoids: Understanding the Key Components
Cannabis has become a rapidly growing market over the past decade, with millions of products being produced and sold worldwide. The legalization of cannabis in ...
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How Fractional Distillation Can Improve Cannabis and Hemp Extraction
Extraction is a critical stage in the production of cannabis and hemp products. Improving the extraction process can help create a better product for customers....
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How to Improve Your CBD Extraction Process
Cannabis and hemp are plants that contain sought after chemicals, these compounds are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).
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A Complete History and Evolution of Ethanol Extraction
Ethanol extraction is a process used to separate unwanted materials from desired products using the solvent ethanol.
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What is the Valuation of Hemp in 2023?
Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries over the past decade. The legalization and acceptance of cannabis in some states and countries has allowed the...
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